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Pokémon GO Evolution Cup - Best Picks And Rules

The Evolution Cup has arrived during Evolving Stars. Find out what the best picks are for the latest Pokémon GO Battle League event.
Pokémon GO Evolution Cup - Best Picks And Rules

After a couple of weeks in the Pokémon GO Battle League without any special events, the Evolution Cup has arrived along with the new Evolving Stars event. Utilizing Pokémon evolutions is the main theme of the next week within GO and that applies to the new PvP cup as well.

Like most special cups, Trainers will have to get used to the specific meta that has been set due to rule changes and restrictions. It allows for some fresh matches but it can be tough to make a decent team. This guide will go over the best picks for the Evolution Cup in Pokémon GO and the rules that follow.

Pokémon GO - Best Picks for the Evolution Cup

Season 12 GO Battle League
Yet another Cup enters the GO Battle League. (Picture: Niantic)

So far, the types you'll find the Evolution Cup are fairly diverse and that is due to having no restrictions on types for your team. You can utilize any Pokémon type as long as it fits the other set rules of the cup. Those are tied to the 1,500 CP limit and the evolutions involved.

As always, much of the meta has been sorted through as the Cup was approaching in the Pokémon GO Battle League. Below you can find ten of the top picks for the Evolution Cup and the moves that are integral to their effectiveness.

Best Picks:

  • Machoke - Karate Chope (Fast) and Cross Chop / Dynamic Punch (Charged)
  • Hakamo-o - Dragon Tail (Fast) and Dragon Claw / Brick Break (Charged)
  • Vigoroth - Counter (Fast) and Body Slam / Bulldoze (Charged)
  • Zweilous - Dragon Breath (Fast) and Body Slam / Dark Pulse (Charged)
  • Sealeo - Powder Snow (Fast) and Body Slam / Aurora Beam (Charged)
  • Dragonair - Dragon Breath (Fast) and Body Slam / Aqua Tail (Charged)
  • Charjabug - Spark (Fast) and X-Scissor / Discharge (Charged)
  • Dusclops XL - Hex (Fast) and Ice Punch / Shadow Punch (Charged)
  • Haunter - Shadow Claw (Fast) and Ice Punch / Shadow Ball (Charged)
  • Piloswine - Powder Snow (Fast) and Avalanche / Bulldoze (Charged)

Keep in mind that the attacks on these Pokémon are important to their ranking. With a different set of moves, they may fall down in effectiveness overall. Make sure to have the right attacks and the best mix of Pokémon to dominate matches.

Pokémon GO - Evolution Cup Rules

Master League
The Master League was prominent for the last couple of weeks. (Picture: Niantic)

Rule one for the new cup is the CP itself. This Cup is classified in the Great League so all of the Pokémon used must be at 1,500 CP or lower. Great League matches are typically the most competitive due to the number of picks and Trainers.

The second rule is tied to evolution. Every Pokémon must have evolved once and have another evolution available. This makes the entire meta a selection of Pokémon that are in their second form. We'll have about a week to utilize them for some PvP wins.

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Featured image courtesy of Niantic / The Pokémon Company.