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Pokemon GO Guzzlord Raid Counters, Weaknesses & Moveset

The Greedy Gluttons Pokémon event has brought Guzzlord into the world of Pokémon Go! Here's everything you need to know about this insatiable Junkivore!
Pokemon GO Guzzlord Raid Counters, Weaknesses & Moveset

With the arrival of the Greedy Gluttons Event in Pokémon GO, Guzzlord will be joining the cast of catchable Pokémon. Originally introduced in Generation VII of the mainline Pokémon games, Guzzlord is an Ultra Beast from the Alola Region, also known as UB-05 Glutton. 

Guzzlord is an insatiable devourer, capable of wiping out entire continents when it hungers. This, combined with its powerful Dragon and Dark typing, make it a great addition to any trainer's collection. This article will cover how to catch Guzzlord, as well as its weakness, best move set, and more. 

How To Catch Guzzlord In Pokémon GO

Guzzlord can be caught by participating in Pokémon GO Raids between November 8, 2022 - November 23, 2022. You can check out the full trailer for Guzzlord below, which also confirms its release date.

Guzzlord is making its way into the world via Ultra Wormholes and boasts powerful attacks such as Crunch and Dragon Claw. It has no evolution, but with moves like these, it doesn't need one!

Guzzlord is also known as UB-05 Gluttony or the "Junkivore Pokémon." (Picture: Niantic / The Pokémon Company)

Best Guzzlord Counters & Weaknesses

As mentioned, Guzzlord is a dual Dragon/Dark-type Pokémon. Beating this Pokémon in a Raid will give you the chance to catch it, so knowing its weaknesses is vital. Here are Guzzlord's weaknesses and a list of potential counters for the Junkivore Pokémon. 

Dragon-type Counters (Ice, Dragon, Fairy):

  • Mega Altaria: Dragon Breath; Dazzling Gleam
  • Mega Abomasnow: Powder Snow; Weather Ball (Ice)
  • Mega Latios: Dragon Breath; Dragon Claw
  • Mega Latia: Charm; Outrage
  • Togekiss: Charm; Dazzling Gleam
  • Gardevoir: Charm; Dazzling Gleam

Dark-type Counters (Bug, Fighting, Fairy)

  • Mega Lopunny: Double Kick; Focus Blast
  • Togekiss: Charm; Dazzling Gleam
  • Mega Scizor: Fury Cutter; X-Scissor
  • Lucario: Counter; Aura Sphere
  • Genesect: Fury Cutter; X-Scissor
  • Gardevoir: Charm; Dazzling Gleam

Best Pokémon GO Guzzlord Moveset & Stats

Guzzlord is weak against Fairy, Dragon, and Ice-type attacks. (Picture: Niantic / The Pokémon Company)

After acquiring Guzzlord via a Pokémon GO Raid, it is time to start using it. However, it is important to know its stats and best moves beforehand. Let's first take a look at this Pokémon's stats:

  • ATK: 188
  • DEF: 99
  • STA: 440
  • Max CP: 1650 
  • Max CP with Weather Boost: 2062

Guzzlord may not have the highest attack or defense stats, but it certainly makes up for that with its monstrous Stamina. Unfortunately, its move pool is a little limited. Guzzlord's Fast Attacks, Snarl and Dragon Tail, are both useless against any Fairy-type Pokémon.

As for the charged attacks, Brutal Swing, Dragon Claw, Crunch, and Sludge Bomb, only one of these is really viable due to Guzzlord's massive weakness against Fairy-type Pokémon. Sludge Bomb becomes an absolute necessity because of this and also helps out against other counters like Mega Abombasnow. Overall, Dragon Tail and Sludge Bomb give Guzzlord the most coverage. 

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Featured image courtesy Niantic / The Pokémon Company.