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How To Catch Zorua and Shiny Zorua In Pokemon Go

Zorua is now available in Pokemon GO, but catching the tiny fox is not easy.
How To Catch Zorua and Shiny Zorua In Pokemon Go

How To Catch Zorua In Pokemon GO

It is Halloween time in Pokemon GO and Zorua has arrived on the scene. Although, catching the new illusive Pokémon is no easy feat. Zorua has the unique ability to mimic Pokemon, so you will not see Zorua spawning in the overworld. However, Zorua will mimic your Buddy Pokemon.

So if you make your Buddy Pokemon something very unique, you will know which Pokemon on the map is Zorua. For instance, if you set your buddy Pokemon to a shadow, shiny or Legendary Pokémon (and then you spot one in the wild) you'll know its a Zorua.

Once you enter battle with that mimic Pokemon, it will not transform into a Zoura until after you catch it.

Pokemon GO Shiny Zorua
Zorua will appear in the current Halloween event in Pokemon GO. (Picture: Niantic)

Can Zorua Be Shiny In Pokemon GO?

Yes, Zorua can be shiny in Pokemon GO. However, catching a shiny Zorua can be somewhat more tricky given that Zorua's appearance changes to reflect that of your buddy Pokémon, so you won't actually know if its a shiny Zorua until after you catch it.

Basically, it's the same mechanic used by shiny Ditto in Pokemon GO.

 Interested players might want to jump on and catch Shiny Zorua as soon as possible because it is not known when it will come back. Players have until October 31 at 8 pm local time to catch this special Shiny Pokemon before it disappears.

Shiny Zorua Pokemon GO
Shiny Zorua will appear along with other spooky Pokemon during the Halloween event. (Picture: Niantic)