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How To Find Giovanni In Pokemon GO

If you want to know how to find and take on Giovanni in Pokemon GO, we have the perfect guide to help you.
How To Find Giovanni In Pokemon GO

In Pokemon GO, there are a lot of different events that you have to look for. In fact, there are so many events that some events have events happening in the middle of one. Right now, Pokemon GO players are currently enjoying the Crackling Voltage event in Pokemon GO. But starting on February 1st, a few changes have occurred.

That is right, a brand new Team Rocket event is now taking place in Pokemon GO. That is right, it is time for the Team Rocket Takeover event to begin in Pokemon GO. Team Rocket has infested Pokemon GO and trainers are now wondering, how do you get to battle Giovanni, the leader of Team Rocket? Here, we are going to go over the steps to do so.

Where Is Giovanni In Pokemon GO?

Pokemon GO Giovanni
Giovanni made an appearance at the end of the Crackling Voltage event in Pokemon GO (Picture: Niantic)

Although the Team Rocket event has started, players will not be able to battle Giovanni right away. It will take some time and effort to do so. A quick note though is that to start the Shadowy Skirmishes event currently happening, players need to make sure that they have no other Team Rocket/Giovanni events currently active in Pokemon GO. Clearing them out will get you the Shadowy Skirmishes event.

The Shadowy Skirmishes event is a Special Research task. Players will have to take on a large number of tasks before they can take on Giovanni. What you actually need to do is complete a large number of the Shadowy Skirmishes tasks to find Giovanni. Without completing the Shadowy Skirmishes tasks and taking down the other Team Rocket leaders, you will not find Giovanni.

When Can You Start Battling Giovanni?

Pokemon GO Giovanni
Having the right Pokemon will help you prepare for the battle against Giovanni in Pokemon GO. (Picture: Niantic)

You can start looking for Giovanni from February 1st until February 5th. Once that date passes, it will be much harder for you to Find Giovanni even if you do have the special research task available.

As for actually battling Giovanni, bringing powerful Fighting-type and Water-type Pokemon will be the key to victory here. These Pokemon will cover most of his Pokemon during the Pokemon battle, that includes Shadow Registeel.