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Pokémon GO Mega Gardevoir: Best Counters And Moveset

With Mega Gardevoir making its Pokemon GO debut, we have the perfect guide to help players know how to counter this Pokemon.
Pokémon GO Mega Gardevoir: Best Counters And Moveset

No matter what is happening in Pokemon GO, there is always going to be a raid for players to try to take down. One of the more special kinds of raids is the Mega Raids. Mega Raids feature Mega Evolved forms of Pokemon, a mysterious fourth evolution for certain kinds of Pokemon. These Mega Pokemon are iconic and very desired by players in Pokemon GO.

With that being said, Mega Gardevoir is going to make its debut in Pokemon GO. Players have been clamoring to want to get their hands on their own Mega Gardevoir and now the time has come for players to do so. Here, we are going to lay out the strategy for how you will want to counter Mega Gardevoir during its raids.

What Are The Best Counters To Mega Gardevoir In Pokemon GO?

Pokemon GO Mega Gardevoir Counters
Mega Gardevoir finally coming to Pokemon GO. (Picture: Niantic)

Although there is not a lot of info on how Mega Gardevoir will work in Pokemon GO just yet, we can make some assumptions about what the best counters are simply due to its typing. Mega Gardevoir is both a Psychic-type and a Fairy-type Pokemon. With this in mind, we can come up with a strategy on how to take down Mega Gardevoir.

Chandelure is your best bet to take down Mega Gardevoir. It has powerful Ghost-type moves and high DPS to take down this target Pokemon quickly. Metagross is also a great option because of its typing that is resistant to Mega Gardevoir's moves and the fact that it can hit hard with its Steel-type moves.

Best Mega Gardevoir Moveset

Pokemon GO Mega Gardevoir Counters
Mega Gardevoir is coming before the upcoming Primal Rumblings event in Pokemon GO. (Picture: Niantic)

Now that you are ready to take down Mega Gardevoir, you might be wondering what is the best moveset for this Pokemon. After all, it is important for you to have the best moveset possible on this Pokemon, or else you will not be able to use Mega Gardevoir to its full potential in Pokemon GO.

Unfortunately, it is currently unknown what the best moveset is for Mega Gardevoir. But we can make an assumption based on Gardevoir in Pokemon GO. If Mega Gardevoir is like regular Gardevoir, then you will want to use Confusion as your Quick Move and Psychic as your Charged Move. However, this data might change when Mega Gardevoir actually releases on Pokemon GO, so check back here for up-to-date moveset suggestions.