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Pokemon GO Mega Gengar Raid Guide - Best Counters And Moveset

With Mega Gengar raids coming to Pokemon GO, we tell you what are the best counters to this Pokemon and what moveset you should give it.
Pokemon GO Mega Gengar Raid Guide - Best Counters And Moveset

The Crackling Voltage event is coming to Pokemon GO, which means it is time to not only prepare to catch a lot of Pokemon but also to prepare for the raids. Events are a great time to go raiding for powerful Pokemon because you will see Pokemon that you normally see. Plus, there are opportunities to catch a shiny version of that Pokemon.

This time around, we are talking about Mega Gengar, which is coming as a Mega Raid in Pokemon GO. Mega Gengar is a powerful Pokemon and very popular for its Mega form. Players all over the world will want to get themselves a Mega Gengar, so we have come up with this counter guide to tell you exactly how you can beat Mega Gengar. On top of that, we will tell you the best moveset for Mega Gengar as well.

What Are The Best Counters To Mega Gengar In Pokemon GO?

Pokemon GO Mega Gengar Counters
Mega Gengar will appear in Mega Raids starting on February 1st, 2023. (Picture: Niantic)

In the second half of the Rising Voltage event in Pokemon GO, you will have the opportunity to take on Mega Gengar for the featured Mega Raids. To prepare for it, you need to understand the weaknesses of Mega Gengar. Mega Gengar is both a Ghost-type and a Poison-type Pokemon. That means you will want to attack it with both Psychic and Ghost-type moves.

The best counters to Mega Gengar will be Mewtwo, Unbound Hoopa, and Lunala. All three of these Pokemon not only hit Mega Gengar for its weaknesses, but they are also all very powerful Legendary Pokemon that hits hard. You can easily defeat Mega Gengar using these Pokemon but if you do not have them, Hydreigon will work as well.

What Is The Best Mega Gengar Moveset

Pokemon GO Mega Gengar Counter Moveset
Mega Gengar is one of the many featured Pokemon during the Rising Voltage event in Pokemon GO. (Picture: Niantic)

Catching Mega Gengar is half the battle, as you need to give it the right moveset to make it the premiere Pokemon on your team. In Pokemon GO, having the right moveset is the difference between winning and losing Pokemon battles. There are two suggested move sets for Mega Gengar.

The first is the quick move Shadow Claw and the charged move Shadow Ball. This combination of moves will give you the most damage per second for Mega Gengar in Pokemon GO. The other suggested moveset is the quick move Lick and the charged move Shadow Ball. After that, the different move combinations fall off pretty hard, and you will be missing a lot of damage per second.