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Can Seedot Be Shiny In Pokémon GO? – Spotlight Hour

The acorn-looking Grass-type Pokémon, Seedot, will be gaining a Spotlight Hour event this January, but is there a Shiny Seedot in-game?
Can Seedot Be Shiny In Pokémon GO? – Spotlight Hour

Pokémon GO’s Spotlight Hour events have been quite popular within its community as some of their favorite Pokémon will spawn more frequently in the wild. Following the Alolan Sandshrew and Swirlix-themed events, the next Spotlight Hour puts the Grass-type Pokémon, Seedot in the spotlight in its solo showcase.

While Seedot may be more at home in trees, will Trainers have the chance to locate a Shiny Seedot? We explore whether you can encounter a Shiny Seedot in Pokémon GO’s Spotlight Hour.

Is There A Shiny Seedot In Pokémon GO?

pokemon go events guide spotlight hour seedot razz berries
The acorn-looking Seedot will have a Shiny form appearing during the upcoming Spotlight Hour. (Picture: Twitter / Pokémon GO)

As we approach the next Spotlight Hour event for Pokémon GO, delighted Trainers can encounter a Shiny form of the Grass-type Pokémon, Seedot. This Pokémon, modeled after an acorn, may attach itself to trees, but lucky Trainers may spot it in wild encounters for this limited-time event.

The Seedot Spotlight Hour will take place on 17th January 2023 for an hour in-game between 6 pm and 7 pm local time. Seedot will bring an exclusive event bonus during this hour, where you can gain double XP when catching Pokémon.

While Seedot and Shiny Seedot will be spawning more frequently for this event, other regular Pokémon spawns will occur as expected. Therefore, additional Spotlight Hour bonuses will be active during Seedot’s Spotlight Hour event, including the following listed below:

  • Double XP when evolving Pokémon
  • Double Stardust when catching Pokémon
  • Double Catch Candy
  • Double Candy when transferring Pokémon
pokemon go events guide spotlight hour seedot lure modules mossy lure module
Activate the Mossy Lure Module on a PokéStop to attract wild Grass-type Pokémon like Seedot. (Picture: Twitter / Pokémon GO)

This Spotlight Hour event is the only time you’ll encounter Seedot more frequently, as it won’t be featured in other in-game events as of writing. Nevertheless, catching Seedot should be relatively easy to achieve.

To attract Seedot’s attention, using Incense and Lure Modules (on PokéStops) will see plenty of wild Pokémon for around 30 minutes after activation. As Seedot is a Grass-type Pokémon, installing the Mossy Lure Module will attract Bug, Grass, and Poison-type Pokémon to your chosen PokéStop.

Regular Poké Balls will work fine, and you can utilize any throw when attempting to catch Seedot. Likewise, you can use Razz Berries to increase your chances of catching Seedot, while Pinap Berries and Nanab Berries will see Seedot drop more Candy and slow its movement while attempting to catch it.