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Can Spheal Be Shiny In Pokémon GO? – Spotlight Hour

The Ice/Water Pokémon, Spheal, is arriving soon as part of the next Pokémon GO Spotlight Hour but will it be Shiny? We investigate.
Can Spheal Be Shiny In Pokémon GO? – Spotlight Hour

The current Season of Mythical Wishes aims to grant every Trainer's wishes with many magical events and Mythical Pokémon arriving in-game. As we're in the Holiday Season, plenty of Ice and Water-type Pokémon will appear throughout the month in various events.

This is evident with the month's featured Pokémon for the Spotlight Hour event, in which the lovable clapping Pokémon, Spheal, is ready to roll but can we spot a Shiny Spheal during the event? We explore if there will be a Shiny Spheal for Pokémon GO's Spotlight Hour event.

Is There A Shiny Spheal In Pokémon GO?

pokemon go events guide spotlight hour spheal christmas loading screen
The adorable Spheal will appear more frequently during the next Spotlight Hour event. (Picture: Niantic / The Pokémon Company)

Trainers participating in the next Spotlight Hour event will be excited to learn that there is a chance of a Shiny Spheal spawning for the event’s duration. As Spotlight Hour highlights popular Pokémon within the dedicated community, the likelihood of Shiny forms is possible if you are lucky enough to encounter them.

The Spheal Spotlight Hour takes place on 13th December 2022 for an hour between 6 pm and 7 pm local time. During this limited-time event, you can take advantage of the event’s bonus of double catch XP, and the remaining event bonuses will be active for the Spotlight Hour.

pokemon go events guide spotlight hour spheal schedule
The Ice/Water Pokémon, Spheal, is the next featured Pokémon in the upcoming Spotlight Hour event. (Picture: Twitter / Pokémon GO)

As XP can be used to level your Trainer Level, you’ll earn twice as much XP for this event when catching Pokémon. Likewise, we’ve previously stated in our Spotlight Hour guide; these are all the featured event bonuses for December 2022’s Spotlight Hour:

  • Double catch Stardust
  • Double catch XP
  • Double catch Candy
  • Double transfer Candy

How To Find A Shiny Spheal in Pokémon GO?

The best method for catching a Shiny Spheal is first to encounter it through wild encounters. As Spheal will appear more often during the Spotlight Hour, a Shiny Spheal won’t appear on the map, so you need to engage with it first.

pokemon go events guide spotlight hour spheal shiny form
A Shiny Spheal will appear purple in color after engaging with it. (Picture: Reddit / Denarnia)

A Shiny Spheal is easily noticed by the change of its outer appearance color from blue to light purple. Also, it will have the Shiny sparkles surrounding the Pokémon, but catching it shouldn’t give you too much trouble.

Trainers can use the standard Poké Balls and Lure Modules or Incense to lure Spheal to your location. Once you’ve spotted a Spheal, interact with it to see whether you’ve encountered a Spheal or its Shiny form.

Once the Spheal Spotlight Hour concludes, there are two more Spotlight Hour events to look forward to in 2022. The Ice-type Pokémon, Bergmite, and Cubchoo will round out the remaining Spotlight Hour event days before a new schedule becomes available in January 2023.