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Can Teddiursa Be A Shiny In Pokémon GO Community Day?

Teddiursa is cute and ready for its Community Day event, but will it have a shiny form? Learn more about the Shiny Teddiursa in this guide.
Can Teddiursa Be A Shiny In Pokémon GO Community Day?

November sees its second Community Day event, featuring the Teddy Bear Pokémon, Teddiursa. This sees increased chances of the Pokémon appearing in various activities alongside its evolutions, Ursaring and Ursaluna.

The Community Day also poses the opportunity for Shiny forms of Pokémon spawning for the event’s duration, but can we expect a Shiny Teddiursa to appear? This guide details whether a Shiny Teddiursa will be available during the Community Day event for Pokémon GO.

Is There A Shiny Teddiursa In Pokémon GO?

Developer Niantic has released details on the upcoming Community Day event with the Normal-type Teddiursa as the featured Pokémon. With various in-game activities available for a limited time, Trainers wonder whether the Teddy Bear Pokémon will have a Shiny variant available for the event.

pokemon go guide teddiursa community day shiny form how to get
Teddiursa will have a Shiny form spawning throughout the Community Day event in Pokémon GO. (Picture: Niantic / The Pokémon Company)

Wonder no more as the developer confirms that Teddiursa will appear more frequently during the Community Day event, and a Shiny Teddiursa will similarly appear. This should be great news if you have yet to acquire a Shiny Teddiursa to your collection of Shiny Pokémon that have seemed to be in-game, specifically for events.

As to when you’ll likely be able to encounter a Shiny Teddiursa, the Community Day: Teddiursa event goes live on 12th November 2022 for three hours. During the event between 2 pm to 5 pm local time, you’ll have an equal chance of encountering the Normal and Shiny forms of Teddiursa in the wild.

Shiny forms of its evolutions, Ursaring and Ursaluna, will also be spawning at the start of the Community Day event. According to a notable Pokémon source, Leek Duck, a Shiny Teddiursa, will be one of the rewards earned when completing the Field Research tasks available for this event.

pokemon go guide teddiursa community day shiny form how to get bonus raid battle ursaring evoution
Complete the Bonus Raid Battle against Ursaring to be awarded a greater chance of encountering Teddiursa. (Picture: The Pokémon Company)

Likewise, a paid event-exclusive Special Research, A Sweet Snack, is available for the Community Day event; however, details have yet to be released. A Shiny Teddiursa may be one of the rewards, but if not, there’s a chance that Teddiursa Candy may be on hand instead.

Another way to obtain a Shiny Teddiursa is by completing the Bonus four-star Raid Battle against Ursaring available after the event has ended. This sees a higher chance of Teddiursa appearing within a 300-meter radius nearby the Gym, which hosted the Raid for 30 minutes with the potential of a Shiny Teddiursa spawning.

Lastly, should you take pictures during the Community day event, there’s a chance you may get photobombed by Teddiursa. There’s a likelihood that a Shiny Teddiursa may appear in this photobombing encounter, so be on the lookout.

To best prepare for any encounter with Teddiursa, check your Inventory to ensure you have enough Poké Balls to catch the Pokémon. Likewise, you can use one of the event’s bonuses and activate a Lure Module or Incense to attract Teddiursa to the Pokéstop location for a better chance of encountering it.

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