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Is Charmander in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Charmander is one of the most popular Pokemon in the entire series and we go over if you can catch it in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.
Is Charmander in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

One of the most iconic Pokemon in the entire series is Charmander. The original fire-type starter is iconic for many reasons, including the fact that it evolves into Charizard. Charmander is a mainstay in the series so potential Pokemon Scarlet and Violet buyers want to know if you can get Charmander in the new game. After all, some people would say that Charmander to them is as important as getting a Shiny Pokemon.

Here, we go over the possibilities of players being able to get Charmander in the upcoming Pokemon games. We will also go over how players can go about getting Charmander for themselves as well.

Is Charmander In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet?

Right now, all signs point to yes, Charmander is in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. There is a reason why we believe this is the case although Charmander has not been confirmed. In a recent news posting, Nintendo revealed that there is going to be something special called Black Crystal Tera raid battles.

These are very different from your typical tera raid battles. Black Crystal Tera raid battles are raid battles that are much more difficult than the normal Tera raids. On top of that, they feature Pokemon that are not usually found in the Paldea region, the area where Sword and Shield take place.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
Charizard is coming to the Paldea Region thanks to Black Crystal Tera Raid Battles. (Picture: Nintendo/ThePokemon Company)

The first Pokemon players will take on in the Black Crystal Tera Raid Battles is Charizard. When you catch the Charizard, it is safe to assume that it will be like any other Charizard. That means you can breed the Charizard to get Charmander eggs. With Charmander Eggs, you will be able to get a Charmander for yourself.

Are All The Generation One Pokemon Starters Coming To Scarlet And Violet?

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
Special Tera Raid battles are the key for players to get Charmander on their team. (Picture: Nintendo/The Pokemon Company

It is unconfirmed right now, but it is very likely that all generation 1 starters are coming to the new Pokemon games. First of all, we have had confirmation that Charizard is coming to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. That is already one of the three Pokemon down. Usually, when a single starter from a different region appears in the newest game, all the starters come with them.

So that means it is very likely that Bulbasaur and Squirtle are coming to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. How they would be coming is unclear at the moment. It is possible that the game will include Blastoise and Venusaur Black Crystal Tera Raid Battles in the future, too. But we have no confirmation at this point. That's all we know about Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Charmander

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Featured image courtesy of Nintendo / The Pokémon Company