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How To Use The Auction House In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

Here, we go over everything you need to know about the Auction House in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.
How To Use The Auction House In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

The Pokemon series is filled with even more items than there are Pokemon. Items are essential to the gameplay of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet and they are hidden all over the world. You can shop for them, trade for them, find them, and even purchase them through an auction house.

The auction house is a new addition to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. It allows you to bid for special items in the game. Some of the items from the auction house are used to give your Pokemon a new form, Pokemon like Rotom. If you are interested in learning about the Auction house, continue to read below to find out more.

Bidding At The Auction House In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Auction House
The auction house has important items like the Rotom Catalog available to bid on. (Picture: Nintendo/The Pokemon Company/Daedra PKMN YouTube Channel)

The auction house is not too hard to find. During the main story, the water gym leader actually requests that you make a bid for him at the auction house. The auction house is at Porto Marinada.

Once you are done beating the water-type gym, you can actually go back to Porto Marinada and start making bids at the auction house. It works basically how you expect it to work, the highest bidder gets the item being sold at the auction house.

You will go up against two NPC bidders for the item. The thing to remember is that the NPC bidders will always have a limit on how much they will bid for each item. So although it might be tempting to bid high for items, we actually suggest you always make a lower bid for each item.

That is because if you bid high too much, you will often overpay for the item you are looking for. Just bid low and you will be within the market price of the item of your choice because you will more than likely always have more than enough money to pay for the item.

What Items Are At The Auction House?

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Rotom Catalog
You will need the Rotom Catalog from the Auction House to transform your Rotom to its different forms. (Picture: Nintendo/The Pokemon Company/Daedra PKMN YouTube Channel)

The auction house actually has a rather large list of items that you can potentially bid on. A lot of them are actually important for Pokemon, like evolution stones to help evolve your Pokemon. There are also special Poke Balls available as well.

One of the more important brands of items is items that allow your Pokemon to transform into a different form. For example, you can get a Rotom Catalog which allows your Rotom to transform into its various different forms. So if you want your Rotom to transform into a Rotom Wash, you will need to go to the auction house. Lucky for you, the Rotom Catalog will become available for auction as soon as you get a Rotom.

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Featured image courtesy of Nintendo / The Pokémon Company.