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How To Reset EVs In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

If you want to know how to reset EVs in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, we have the answer you are looking for here.
How To Reset EVs In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

There are a lot of different changes that are coming to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. The game was first released in 2022, and since then, it has received a lot of support throughout the months through raids and events. These days, most players that have already beaten the main campaign are completing their Pokedex, shiny hunting, raiding, or getting into competitive battles.

In competitive battles, players bring out their strongest Pokemon and do everything that they can to come out on top. Competitive battling is much different compared to the normal battles that you have in the game. You have to EV-train your Pokemon the right way to make them as strong as possible. Here, we will go over how to reset EVs on your Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet.

How To Reset EVs In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

EV Reset Scarlet And Violet
You will need to EV train if you want to take your Pokemon to the competitive level. (Picture: Nintendo/The Pokemon Company)

EVs are a very important stat to understand in competitive Pokemon. Having higher EVs will increase how good your Pokemon is at on that stat. Competitive battles can be determined by EVs, so having them in the wrong place can be detrimental. Pokemon can only have 510 EVs at a time, and once they are set, they cannot be moved.

That is unless you use some items to reset the EVs. Beating certain Pokemon will give you some EVs in a certain stat, so you will want to train on certain Pokemon to increase your EVs. If you make a mistake and knock out a Pokemon you are not training on; you need to use a special berry to decrease the EVs that they currently have. Here are the berries you need and what EVs they decrease:

  • HP - Pomeg Berry
  • Attack - Kelpsy Berry
  • Special Attack - Hondew Berry
  • Defense - Qualot Berry
  • Special Defense - Grepa Berry
  • Speed - Tamato Berry

How To Get EV Berries In Scarlet And Violet

Scarlet and Violet EV Reset
Players will have to put some effort to reset their Pokemon's EVs in Scarlet and Violet. (Picture: Nintendo/The Pokemon Company)

Since there are 510 EVs that a Pokemon can potentially have, players need to have a lot of the EV berries to reset them. You might need at least 25 or 26 berries a stat to fully reset them. The main problem is that these berries are pretty rare, and unless you know what you are doing, they are kind of hard to come by.

The way you farm these berries is by doing four or five-star raids. Certain Pokemon at these levels will drop certain EV berries so you can farm them up. The only problem is that the Tera Raids you get are pretty random, so you might have to check the Union Circle to do the correct Tera Raids.