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How To Order Secret Menu Item In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

Wondering how to order the secret menu item in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet? Let's answer that question here.
How To Order Secret Menu Item In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

The Medali Gym is one of several gyms in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's new Paldea region. If you want to fight its leader, you'll need to complete a puzzle outside of the gym, which will require you to fight a few trainers along the way.

To make sure you are prepared to face the Medali Gym, we've put together a short guide to getting through to the gym leader. Let's go over how to get the clues for the secret menu item, and then finally, how to order it.

How To Get Secret Menu Item Clues In Pokémon Scarlet And Violet

medali gym pokemon scarlet violet
To get to the Medali Gym leader, you'll need to get past some trials. (Picture: The Pokemon Company)

Pokemon is known for its puzzles inside its gyms, and Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is no exception. The Medali Gym requires players to fight three trainers, earning a secret menu item clue from each, before ultimately ordering a secret menu item that will reveal to them the gym leader.

We'll walk you through how to get each clue needed for the secret menu item, and then how to order the secret menu item to fight the gym leader and ultimately earn yourself a badge.

How To Get 'Lemon' Clue

pokemon scarlet violet secret menu item lemon clue
To get the first of the clues, you'll need to speak to Larry in the Treasure Eatery. (Picture: The Pokemon Company)
  • Go to the Treasure Eatery and speak to Larry. Ask him how the locals season their dishes.
  • Larry will tell you that he has a tip for you: "A nice squeeze of Lemon gives any dish a refreshing kick."
  • From this, you know that your next secret menu item clue is 'Lemon.'

How To Get 'Grilled Rice Balls' Clue

  • Go to the center of the city. Talk to Adara, then fight them.
  • Adara will tell you a hint: "Odd one out at the ice cream stands."
  • Use this clue to decipher you should head to the ice cream stand. You'll notice an odd menu item: 'Grilled Rice Balls.' There's your next secret menu item clue!

How To Get 'Fire Blast' Clue

  • Go to the front the amphitheater stairs to find Gisela.
  • Battle Gisela and win.
  • Gisela will tell you a hint: "A dark spot surrounded by stairs."
  • Following her instructions, go down the stairs into the ampitheater. From there, you can find the next secret menu item clue, 'Fire Blast.'

How To Get Final Clue

  • Go to the side of the road in the city and find the NPC named Santiago.
  • Fight Santiago and win.
  • Santigo will tell you a hint: "Listen to the blue bird Pokémon."
  • Go across the road to meet the man with a blue bird Pokemon on his head, who will keep shouting the last clue: "Meedyum! Meedyum!"
  • In other words, the Pokemon is telling you that you should order a 'Medium.'

How To Order Secret Menu Item In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

gym test pokemon scarlet violet
The Gym Test in the Medali Gym will be complete when you order the secret menu item. (Picture: The Pokemon Company)

Now that you have all of your hints, you know exactly what to order at the Treasure Eatery.

Head to the Treasure Eatery and order this to get the secret menu item:

  • Grilled Rice Balls
  • Medium
  • Extra Crispy, Fire Blast Style
  • Lemon

You'll then get to meet and fight the Medali Gym leader. Good luck!

That's all you need to know about the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's Secret menu and how to fight the Medali Gym leader.

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Featured image courtesy of Game Freak / The Pokémon Company.