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Pokemon Unite Tier List: Best Pokemon For November 2023

Which Pokemon are the absolute best ones to use in Pokemon Unite?
Pokemon Unite Tier List: Best Pokemon For November 2023

Pokemon Unite is a game that has a lot of different Pokemon to choose from. Not every Pokemon is made the same and some are much better than others, even within their own category. There are going to be some Attackers that players should use and some that they should stay far away from. Here, we are going to go over the best Pokemon in Pokemon Unite.

Pokemon Unite Attacker Tier List

Pokemon Unite Tier List
Having a good Attacker is essential to a good team composition in Pokemon Unite. (Picture: The Pokemon Company)
  • S-Tier - Inteleon, Mega Mewtwo Y, Mew
  • A-Tier - Venusaur, Alolan Ninetails
  • B-Tier - Pikachu, Delphox, Gardevoir, Decidueye, Sylveon
  • C-Tier - Chandelure, Glaceon, Cinderace, Espeon, Cramorant, Dragapult
  • D-Tier - Duraludon, Geninja

Intelon is the best attacker because of its range and how easily it can nail a critical hit. Attackers are all about damage output and the S and A-Tier Pokemon have it. We recommend trying to stay away from the C and D-Tier just since there are so many good Attackers available in Pokemon Unite.

Pokemon Unite Defender Tier List

Pokemon Unite Tier List
The difference between tiers with Defenders in Pokemon Unite is staggering. (Picture: The Pokemon Company)
  • S-Tier - Slowbro, Umbreon
  • A-Tier - Blastoise, Lapras, Treevenant
  • B-Tier - Crustle
  • C-Tier - Goodra, Mamoswine, Snorlax
  • D-Tier - Greedent

Good Defenders are hard to find due to the shortlist of Pokemon that are Defenders but Slowbro and Umbreon top them all. These two Pokemon do everything that players would want a Defender to do in Pokemon Unite. Slows, stuns, and survivability are at their peak with Slowbro and Umbreon.

Pokemon Unite Speedster Tier List

Pokemon Unite Tier List
There are some weak Speedsters right now in Pokemon Unite. (Picture: The Pokemon Company)
  • S-Tier - Absol, Leafeon, Dodrio
  • A-Tier - Zoroark
  • B-Tier - Gengar, Zeraora
  • C-Tier - Talonflame

The Speedsters need to be able to stand on their own. Get in, attack, and get out. Absol and Leafeon have shown repeatedly that they are the best at fitting the assassin role in Pokemon Unite. After Dodrio though, the rest of the Speedsters seem to really miss the mark in the current meta of the game.

Pokemon Unite Supporter Tier List

Pokemon Unite Tier List
There are plenty of good Supporters in Pokemon Unite. (Picture: The Pokemon Company)
  • S-Tier - Blissey
  • A-Tier - Eldegoss, Hoopa, Clefable, Comfey
  • B-Tier - Mr. Mime
  • C-Tier - Sableye, Wigglytuff

Blissey is the best Supporter Pokemon and it is not even close. Blissey can not only heal its teammates very well, but it is an absolute tank of a Pokemon as well. Hoopa is an interesting one because it can change how it supports its team depending on held items. Stick with A-Tier and above and you will be playing an excellent Supporter Pokemon.

Pokemon Unite All-Rounder Tier List

Pokemon Unite Tier List
All-Rounders are a great role to use if you are playing Pokemon Unite for the first time. (Picture: The Pokemon Company)
  • S-Tier - Mega Mewtwo X, Zacian, Urshifu
  • A-Tier - Blaziken, Mimikyu,
  • B-Tier - Aegislash, Buzzwole, Lucario, Scizor, Tyranitar,
  • C-Tier - Azumarill, Charizard, Dragonite, Machamp, Tsareena,
  • D-Tier - Garchomp

What is great about All-Rounders right now in Pokemon Unite is that any of them can be chosen with great results. But clearly, Mega Mewtwo X, Zacian, and Urshifu are at the top of the list. These Pokemon not only can pack a punch, but they can absorb a lot of damage as well with their high defense stats.