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Best Speedster In Pokemon Unite | 2023 Tier List

There are not too many Speedsters in Pokemon Unite but we go over which one is the best.
Best Speedster In Pokemon Unite | 2023 Tier List

Speedster has a bit of a niche role due to how few Pokemon fit this role in Pokemon Unite, so that is why picking the best one is essential. If you choose the wrong one, you could be several tiers weaker than your opponents. Meowscarada will be the newest Speedster coming to the game so that Pokemon can completely change the meta.

But until then, we have to go over the very few Speedsters that we do have. Speedsters go and farm the Jungle in Pokemon Unite so they can clean up anything that Attackers failed to finish off. Here, we are going to go over the best Speedster in Pokemon Unite and other good choices that should be considered.

Who Is The Best Speedster In Pokemon Unite

Without a doubt, Absol is the best Speedster in Pokemon Unite. Absol has always been a good Speedster and at the time of this writing, has solidified itself as the best one on the roster. Absol can slow other Pokemon using Psycho Cut and then execute them using Night Slash. Psycho Cut is good to slow Pokemon down for your team to finish off as well.

On top of that, Absol has a very high critical hit rate which means that the damage is only amplified. This puts Absol in the perfect position to get into a lane, execute an enemy, and then dip out. Absol has also been in Pokemon Unite for a very long time so it is a much easier Pokemon to learn compared to some of the newer additions.

Pokemon Unite Best Speedster
Absol is great at taking out enemies fast in Pokemon Unite. (Picture: The Pokemon Company)

Best Speedsters In Pokemon Unite Revealed

If players want to try out another good Speedster in Pokemon Unite, then they should highly consider Leafeon. Leafeon is very fast at traversing the map which means that it can always get into a position to help out its teammates. Leafeon is also great at scaling up due to the fact that it is a Pokemon that evolves from Eevee.

Dodrio is also another fantastic choice for Speedsters in Pokemon Unite. Dodrio has the move Agility which makes it unstoppable on top of moving faster. What Dodrio does best is score points while the enemy is away. The opponent will always be on the backfoot because Dodrio is always around scoring points when they least expect it.

Pokemon Unite Speedster
Leafeon is another good choice if players want to try out the Speedster role. (Picture: The Pokemon Company)