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Pokémon GO Bug Out Event - Mega Scizor, Grubbin, And More

Catch Mega Scizor and Grubbin during the August Bug Out! event in the Pokémon GO Season of GO, here are all the details you need to know.
Pokémon GO Bug Out Event - Mega Scizor, Grubbin, And More

August started strong in Pokémon GO with Hisuian Discoveries, and with discoveries coming to a close, the Bug Out event will take its place. On August 10 at 10 am local time, Trainers can start catching Bug-types all over the wild and within raids.

There will be nearly a full week to participate in the Bug Out event and collect as many Pokémon as you can, such as Grubbin. You'll have until August 16 at 8 pm local time to get all of the rare catches that you want. Whether it's shinies, an Elite Collector Badge, or the brand new Mega Scizor, there is plenty to accomplish.

Mega Scizor and Grubbin in the Pokémon GO Bug Out event

Bug Out Wild Encounters
There are a ton of Wild Encounters for the event. (Picture: Niantic)

Two of the most notable aspects of the Bug Out event in Pokémon GO are both debuts. Mega Scizor and Grubbin will arrive in the game for the first time, and there's no better event to make the debut. But catching either one of these Pokémon will be a completely different endeavor.

Catching Mega Scizor will require you to complete Mega Raid which contains the Pokémon. These are the hardest raids and will require a few other Trainers at the very least. When you do complete the raid, you'll earn Mega Energy for your own Scizor which can then be evolved.

Grubbin on the other hand will be a wild spawn. The Larva Pokémon is just the first form out of three, and you will likely need a total of 125 candies to get each form. Subsequent forms include Charjabug and Vikavolt. None of the Grubbin forms can be shiny, but Mega Scizzor certainly can.

Bug Out event bonuses and challenges in Pokémon GO

Season of GO
Bug Out is one of the final major events in the Season of GO. (Picture: Niantic)

On top of some debuts for the game, the usual event additions will be available for everyone. First and foremost is the new Collection Challenge. These always task players with trading, evolving or catching a set list of Pokémon based on the event theme. Completion results in rewards and an Elite Collector Badge before time runs out.

As for bonuses, everyone will get 2x XP for getting a nice, great, or excellent catch. More importantly, any in-person raids with three or more Trainers will result in increased Bug-type spawns around the area for 15 minutes. Now that shiny Veniped is also available, this is a great way to ensure a rare catch.

For those who are invested in raids, the Bug Out! event is a great time to get a Genesect. The Mythical Pokémon doesn't show up often, and catching one in a five-star raid during the event will give it a Chill Drill attack. To take it down though, you'll need a solid team.

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Featured image courtesy of Niantic.