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Pokémon GO Evolving Stars - All Evolving Collection Challenges

The next collection challenge in Pokémon GO is an Evolving Collection as part of the Evolving Stars event. Learn about each section and the rewards that follow.
Pokémon GO Evolving Stars - All Evolving Collection Challenges

Fashion Week is over in Pokémon GO and that means it's time for the Evolving Stars event to take over. Starting in early October, Trainers will have the chance to complete some brand new Evolving Collection Challenges and chase after the Cosmoem debut.

The Season of Light has already had plenty of events and this one will give further opportunities for Seasonal Challenges or shiny encounters in the wild. Our guide will go over everything you need to know about the latest Evolving Collection Challenges and the rewards you get during Evolving Stars in Pokémon GO.

All Evolving Collection Challenges in Pokémon GO Evolving Stars

Evolving Stars
Evolving Stars begins on October 5, 2022. (Picture: Niantic)

Many of the events that get added in Pokémon GO have some sort of Collection Challenge, but they aren't all created equal. Much of the time there are different themes to follow and certain requirements to check off the collection. The majority of the challenges require Trainers to catch Pokémon in the wild, but that's not always the case.

Sometimes Trainers need to get catch a Pokémon in a raid, through a trade, or by evolving a lower version. In the Evolving Stars Collection Challenge, every aspect of the collection will involve evolutions. That means you'll need more candy, some extra catches, and no trades.

Below you can find all of the Evolving Collection Challenges in Pokémon GO and their subsequent rewards.

Evolving Stars: Eevee Challenge

  • Evovle an Eevee into a Vaporeon
  • Evolve an Eevee into a Jolteon
  • Evolve an Eevee into a Flareon
  • Rewards: 1 Upgrade and 1 Metal Coat

Evolving Stars: Trade Challenge

  • Evole a Haunter into a Gengar
  • Evolve a Kadabra into an Alakazam
  • Rewards: 1 Dragon Scale, 1 Sun Stone, 1 Kings Rock
Mega Gyarados
Mega Gyarados is also making a return. (Picture: Niantic)

Evolving Stars: Unova Challenge

  • Evolve a Tynamo into Eelektrik
  • Evolve a Litwick into Lampent
  • Rewards: 2 Unova Stones

Evolving Stars: Sinnoh Challenge

  • Evolve a Rhyhorn into a Rhydon
  • Evolve a Swinub into a Piloswine
  • Evolve a Ralts into a Kirlia
  • Evolve a Duskull into Dusclops
  • Rewards: 2 Sinnoh Stones

Just like any other Collection Challenges that take place in Pokémon GO there is also an Elite Collector Badge that you can earn as well. These are all added to your full badge collection where you can see the full list of events you've done.

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Featured image courtesy of Niantic / The Pokémon Company.