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How to get Golisopod and Wimpod in Pokémon GO

Here's a guide to help you get Golisopod and Wimpod in Pokémon GO for another Bug and Water-type to add to your collection.
How to get Golisopod and Wimpod in Pokémon GO

Another Pokémon GO event in the form of the Trading Card Game crossover brings Wimpod and Golisopod into the game for the first time. This Generation VII set of Pokémon comes off the heels of an Araquanid debut not long ago, so there has been plenty of opportunities to get Bug and Water-type Pokémon as of late.

However, Wimpod is more comparable to Stufful in the way that catching and evolving works within Pokémon GO. Anyone who hopes to get their very own Golisopod is going to have to save up and shell out a ton of candy. But the good news is the TCG event is running for more than a week.

How to get Wimpod in Pokémon GO

Take advantage of the TCG event to get Wimpod. (Picture: Niantic)

Stepping into the process of a Golisopod and finding a Wimpod will be the much easier version of the challenge in Pokémon GO. With any debut, there is usually an event that allows for plenty of wild spawns involving the new Pokémon. This doesn't happen with Ledendaries or hatches, but those are a minority.

The most common way to get a Wimpod is to walk around as much as you can and search the wild. During the Pokémon GO x TCG Crossover event, the odds of finding one are incredibly high. Of course, using items such as an Incense Lure or a Lure Module will make encountering one far easier.

As you walk around in the wild, you should keep spinning stops until you get a certain Field Research Task as well. During the TCG event, trainers can get a task described as "Spin 5 PokéStops or Gyms" that will have a chance for a Wimpod encounter. Keep spinning new stops until you get the task.

Wimpod will also be available within Tier 1 raids as the crossover event continues for the next two weeks. Whether it's as a raid reward, a task encounter, or in the wild, you should use as many Pinap Berries as you can to earn more candy.

How to evolve Wimpod and get Golisopod in Pokémon GO

Pokemon GO TCG
The TCG crossover goes away at the end of June. (Picture: Niantic)

With a Wimpod in your possession, you'll notice that this isn't the usual Pokémon evolution that requires 50 candies. Instead, you're going to need a total of 400 candies, and that's no easy task. Other Pokémon like that include Gyarados, Wailord, or even Bewear.

Beyond using Pinap Berries to double your candy per catch, you can also choose a Wimpod as a buddy to earn more passive candy. The buddy system and transfers will all eventually add up, and everything counts when you need 400 candies to get a single Golisopod in Pokémon GO.

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Featured image courtesy of Niantic.