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Can Mantine be shiny in Pokémon GO - June Spotlight

Mantine is in the June Spotlight for Pokémon GO, and that can mean a perfect opportunity for Shiny captures.
Can Mantine be shiny in Pokémon GO - June Spotlight

Another week in Pokémon GO means another opportunity to catch some Pokémon in the Spotlight hour, and Mantine is the main attraction this time around. The Generation II Pokémon won't offer much in terms of evolutions, but the search for a shiny version is still in the cards.

Any time a featured Pokémon gets something like a Community Day, there is a guarantee that a shiny version will be included. Spotlight hours are different because they are short and much of the time, there is a lack of a shiny version. But for the week of Mantine, that's not the case.

Pokémon GO - Shiny Mantine in the June Spotlight Hour

Mantine Spotlight
Mantine has a deep blue shiny form. (Picture: Niantic)

Most of the first two Generations in Pokémon GO have a shiny form available in the game, and that includes Mantine. Anyone who has time to participate in the second Spotlight Hour for June 2022 will have a chance to get their own deep blue version of the Kite Pokémon.

Even though there is a chance of catching a Mantine shiny Pokemon Go in the Spotlight Hour, that doesn't mean there is a guarantee. Compared to the Community Day events, the chances of getting one are lower, and the time span is also only an hour, but there are ways to maximize your own potential for a rare find.

With only one hour to get a shiny Mantine, the goal will be to garner as many encounters as possible. The most obvious ways of doing this are by using a PokéStop Lure and by using an Incense Lure as you walk. These will guarantee that the spawns continue for the time being.

Walking in populated areas will increase the spawn rates of the featured Pokémon exponentially. As the featured Spotlight as well, they will continue to spawn more frequently than the average wild spawns on a normal day. But there is a way to save time as well.

June Spotlight
Mantine is one of four Pokémon in the June Spotlight Hours. (Picture: Niantic)

When looking for a shiny in Pokémon GO, you only need to tap on the Pokémon to find out if you have one. An encounter will start and you'll know right away whether the Mantine is shiny or not. No catches are necessary, and you can move on to the next spawn.

Spotlight Hour for Mantine will take place on June 14th, 2022 at 6 pm local time. You'll have one hour, or until 7 pm local time, to get all the featured Pokémon you need. Before you know it, the normal spawns will return.

And that's all Shiny Mantine Pokemon GO. For more awesome content, check out our section dedicated to Pokémon GO news, guides, updates, and more!


Featured image courtesy of Niantic.