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When does Pokémon GO Adventure Week start?

After GO Fest, Adventure Week brings more Pokémon to the Season of GO, check out the start date and details of Pokemon Go Adventure Week.
When does Pokémon GO Adventure Week start?

With the latest announcement of the Season of GO in Pokémon GO, there is a new outline of the content planned for the game in the immediate future. The Season of Alola is coming to an end, and as Summer draws closer, content like Adventure Week will be commonplace for fans of the game.

GO Fest 2022 will be the first event in the Season of GO when it arrives in early June. This is the kick-off event for the Summer Season, but directly after, you can expect Adventure Week to go live. Fossil and Rock-type Pokémon are the main focus and it's a perfect time for fan favorites.

Pokémon GO Adventure week start date

Pokemon GO June
Content for the month of June has been outlined. (Picture: Niantic)

Adventure Week will go live in Pokémon GO in early June for a full week of fossils and rocks. The official start date according to Niantic is 7th June 2022. This event will run for just under a week and will end on 12th June. So far, a time has not been revealed, but most events begin at 10 am local time within your own region.

Which Pokémon will appear is also still up in the air, but Adventure Week is not a new idea. This event typically appears in early June and a similar lineup is always brought back. Some of the Pokémon that you can expect include Larvitar, Onix, Aron, Rhyhorn, Geodude, Shieldon, and more. 

There are always three different sets of Pokémon that appear in any event: Raids, Egg hatching, and wild spawns. Sometimes these elements will intersect, but they are usually different due to the rarity of each. Field Research is another great way to meld these together and get rare Rock-types.

Adventure Week will be the first-week event in the Season of GO, but it's not the kick-off event. Just a few days before Adventure Week, GO Fest 2022 will feature a ton of tasks and Pokémon to get through. Make sure to save up your items for the next few weeks in preparation.

What comes after Adventure Week in Pokémon GO?

Season of GO
The Season of GO is full of content starting in June. (Picture: Niantic)

When Adventure Week comes to an end on 12th June, there will be some peace from major events for a few days. But then another major collision will go live between the real world and the mobile game.

The Pokémon Trading Card Game has already announced a line of cards based around the Pokémon GO theme. These cards will go live for purchase in the middle of June, and at the same time, a crossover event has been prepared. If you are looking forward to participating, mark your calendar for 16th June, and the event will run for about two weeks until 30th June.

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Featured image courtesy of Niantic.