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Pokémon GO Día de Muertos event - Schedule, challenges, encounters, rewards, and more

The iconic Mexican celebration makes its way to Pokémon GO, here's the rundown of everything you need to know.
Pokémon GO continues to spoil fans with plenty of events to keep them engaged every season, with the Día de Muertos event about to start.

The Mexican holiday, also known as Day of the Dead, is a celebration in which, according to the Aztec culture, the spirits of loved ones come back to reunite with the living.

Niantic will give trainers in Latin America and the Caribbean a bit of extra love, but that doesn't mean the rest of the world can't celebrate Dia de Muertos.

Here's everything you need to know.

Pokémon GO Día de Muertos - Schedule

Pokémon go dia de muertos event
Players will get to enjoy plenty of rewards. (Picture: Niantic)

The Día de Muertos event in Pokémon GO will run from 1st November at 10 AM local time, ending on 2nd November at 8 PM local time.

Día de Muertos event bonuses

During the event, players can expect the following benefits:

  • Lure modules will last for 90 minutes
  • Incense will last for 90 minutes
  • 2x catch stardust

For trainers in Latin America and the Caribbean, there are even more perks, including:

  • +1 Bonus transfer candy
  • Featured event Pokémon will be appearing even more often in the wild
  • Featured event Pokémon will be attracted even more frequently to incense
  • Featured event Pokémon will be attracted even more frequently to lure modules

Día de Muertos Collection Challenge

shedinja dia de muertos
Trainers can acquire Shedinja via a Collection Challenge. (Picture: Niantic)

As part of the event, Niantic will make a Collection Challenge available, with a Shedinja encounter as well as a poffin and incense as rewards.

Día de Muertos GO Battle Day

On 1st November, starting at 12 AM and ending at 11:59 PM, players who jump into PvP will get a bonus 4x Stardust for each win as a reward.

Día de Muertos Pokémon encounters

Like always, expect plenty of wild, lure, and research encounters to expand your Pokédex. 

Here's the full list.

Wild Encounters

  • Cubone
  • Sunkern
  • Murkrow
  • Houndour
  • Sableye
  • Roselia
  • Sunflora (Rare)
  • Drifloon (Rare)
  • Yamask (Rare)

Incense and Lure Encounters

  • Cubone
  • Sunkern
  • Sunflora
  • Murkrow
  • Houndour
  • Sableye
  • Drifloon
  • Alolan Marowak (Rare)
  • Yamask (Rare)

Field Research Task Encounters

  • Cubone
  • Sunkern
  • Roselia
  • Alolan Marowak (Rare)

All of the Pokémon have the chance to be shiny except Sunflora.

Día de Muertos - Free rewards

pokémon go dia de muertos rewards
Trainers can pick up a T-shirt and items for free. (Picture: Niantic)

During the event, Niantic has made sure all trainers get in-game items to commemorate Day of the Dead, these include:

  • A free event box containing 20 Poké Balls and an incense
  • A free Día de Muertos T-shirt avatar item

Spotlight Hour and Research Breakthrough Encounter

Finally, two special Pokémon will show up during the Día de Muertos celebration.

Vullaby will be appearing in Research Breakthrough encounters on 1st November.

Cacnea will be the featured Pokémon on 2nd November from 6 to 7 PM local time. On top of getting a chance to catch it, you’ll benefit from a 2x catch candy bonus.


You can find more news, guides, announcements and updates in our section dedicated to the Pokémon franchise.

Featured image courtesy of Niantic.