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Pokémon GO players can catch Cresselia this week in raids

Legendary Pokémon Heatran is out, and Cresselia is in, as Pokémon GO fans take on 5-star raids together for a chance to catch the mythical creature.
Pokémon GO players can catch Cresselia this week in raids

Pokémon GO players have the chance to get their hands on the legendary Pokemon Cresselia in 5-star raids right now, the game’s developers announce on Twitter. For those who are yet to add the moon-themed Psychic Pokémon to their collection, these raids will only be available for the next week, so time is of the essence. 




The tweet from Pokémon GO’s official account reveals that the Pokémon will leave raid battles on 18th September. Until then, Cresselia will be appearing in gyms at random for 5-star raiding.

how to catch cresselia in pokemon
(Picture: Pokémon Go)

Of course, you’ll need a team to raid alongside, but Pokémon GO’s new Remote Raid Passes make battling far easier, as it can now be done from a distance. Simply grab some Remote Raid Passes from the store, and you can raid as far as your app can see, allowing many players to stay home and still get their hands on a legendary.

For those looking to battle Cresselia, make sure you take your best Bug, Dark, and Ghost-type Pokémon into the fight for best results. All three typings are super-effective against Cresselia’s Psychic typing, but Fighting moves won’t affect the battle as much.

Pokemon Go Cresselia how to catch
(Picture: Pokémon GO Hub)

Some of the best Pokémon to counter Cresselia include Gengar, Darkrai, Chandelure, and Deoxys (Attack Form). Bear this in mind when selecting your team and Cresselia should be yours in no time.

As Pokémon GO developer Niantic reminds players in the tweet, it’s essential to be careful when raiding in the current pandemic. With that in mind, make use of Remote Raid Passes when necessary, and remember to raid battle in a socially-distanced manner.