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Sodapoppin destroys $100k worth of Pokémon cards to mock trend that "promotes gambling"

The Twitch streamer got fed up with the pack opening trend that took over the platform and decided to taunt the TCG community.
Sodapoppin destroys $100k worth of Pokémon cards to mock trend that "promotes gambling"

In recent months, opening Pokémon card packs on stream has become a trend that Twitch personalities have been employing for content, one that Chance "Sodapoppin" Morris has decided to ridicule in the cruelest way possible, destroying rare cards that he allegedly spent upwards of $100,000 on.

Trading card game enthusiasts and Pokémon fans alike have come together to watch streamers like Matthew "Mizkif" Rinaudo, Ludwig Ahgren, and even YouTube stars such as Jake Paul open up hundreds of Pokémon packs, looking to seize highly coveted cards, with 1st Edition Holo Rares acting as sort of a crown jewel in every collector's set.

rare holo charizardEvery collector is after a 1st edition rare holo Charizard (Picture: The Pokémon Company)

Despite being seen by many as a positive and even childish hobby, Soda has shown his distaste for it, claiming it's "gambling but with a kid-friendly label slapped on."

Displaying a level of irreverence in typical Sodapoppin fashion, Morris decided to fork out $100,000 according to a tweet he posted on social media, with fans curious to know what mischievous plan he had schemed. They were not disappointed. 


As it turns out, Soda, alongside Pokémon card collector Nick "Lord Nmp" Polom were on the lookout for the rarest of the bunch to submit them and those watching to the excruciating experience of destroying them.

Using a Wheel to determine how would they go about getting rid of the cards worthy enough to qualify for a spin, one of the harshest and most hilarious methods of execution was torching them with a flamethrower, with a poor 1st Edition Holo Dark Slowbro suffering this fate.

The card, valued at around $379.30 according to PSACard was completely scorched by Soda with the flamethrower, leaving no trace of the design.

Soda's Wheel of Torture had a bright side, as one of the options in it included granting Lord Nmp a pack opening, with the cards saved from any harm -- at least that was the idea.

Nmp pulled an incredibly rare 1st Edition Holo Rare Raichu, worth "at least 5K" according to him. Sentence he never should have said as Soda snatched the Raichu from him and dumped in a recipient full of lubricant.

If you're strong enough to watch these precious cards get destroyed, tune in to Soda's Twitch channel to watch the madness unfold.