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Viral Pokémon TikTok Video Deleted Over Use Of Profanity

Pokémon fans were stunned when a now-deleted profanity-laced video went viral after being posted to the official TikTok channel.
Viral Pokémon TikTok Video Deleted Over Use Of Profanity

In the age of social media, The Pokémon Company keeps its community updated on the latest news and announcements while sharing adorably cute Pokémon-related images, GIFs, and videos. With their content getting shared by thousands of followers and across its multiple social media channels, one video caught the attention of Pokémon fans and more, but not for good reasons.

A video posted to their official TikTok channel was uploaded before being quickly taken down for a rare slip-up incident regarding the usage of profanity. The video may not be available to view on their channel; however, one lucky person managed to grab footage of the clip before posting it on Twitter which has gone viral.

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The now-deleted viral TikTok Pokémon video has been shared across multiple platforms, including Twitter. (Picture: Twitter / Josh Withey via TikTok / Pokémon)

On the morning of 13th January 2023, the official Japanese Pokémon TikTok account posted a video featuring Pikachu and Lucario dancing to a version of the popular nursery rhyme, "If You're Happy and You Know It, Clap Your Hands." Unfortunately for their social media team, the music choice used for the clip was an explicit version that contained several uses of profanity which raised plenty of eyebrows.

The video's presence on the platform was short-lived as it was quickly taken down, but only after one user screen recorded the clip before uploading it to the embattled platform, Twitter. Posted by Twitter user Josh Withey, it was accompanied by the caption, "Interesting choice of audio on the official Pokémon TikTok page.."

The Pokémon brand has maintained a primarily squeaky clean and family-orientated image for several decades, and this rare occurrence has many thinking about whether it was intentional or not. This comes as the Pokémon franchise reached a monumental achievement of surpassing over 1000 Pokémon across all its titles.

It commemorated this achievement with a video uploaded to its official YouTube channel, which revealed all the Pokémon discovered, starting with Pokémon Red and Green to the recently released Scarlet and Violet. Additionally, they've promised to provide more quality-of-life updates for the latter following a rocky launch which saw the game hampered by multiple technical issues.