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Another Fisherman's Tale PSVR2 Review: Don't Lose Your Head

Let your hands do the talking.
Another Fisherman's Tale PSVR2 Review: Don't Lose Your Head

The sequel to the award-winning A Fisherman's Tale, Another Fisherman's Tale, sees players return to the life of the quirky fisherman, Bob -- or rather, the life of his daughter, reminiscing the intricate stories that her father had once acted out to her through numerous dioramas. Similar to the first game, Another Fisherman's Tale's story consists of a highly amusing but also emotional tale that quickly tugs at your heartstrings immediately after having you giggling to yourself. It's this contrast that saw me hooked very early on. 

The puzzles you come up against are incredibly well thought out and offer a decent-but-fair challenge with straightforward solutions. A big part of completing these puzzles focuses on using a neat new feature of this title - the ability to remove certain appendages and replace them with new ones. Need to cut a bit of rope? No problem, switch out your hand for a crab claw! Hey, presto! Cut rope!

Switching out your hands is simple!

As well as being able to remove your hands, Another Fisherman's Tale allows players to remove Bob's head to get a better view of their surroundings. While doing so, this will leave you to control Bob's lower half to reach unseen areas -- although this is somewhat awkward to control. 

On top of controlling Bob's lower half, players can also control his hands to move to those hard to reach areas; through vents, through small holes, or even up ramps to get keys! It's very creative, albeit a little awkward due to the placement of the PSVR 2 sense controllers, especially when attaching your hands. 

It's got to be said that Another Fisherman's Tale looks fantastic, with its vibrant and highly detailed areas to explore, fully making use of everything the PSVR 2 is capable of. 

Another Fisherman's Tale takes everything from the first in the series, and expands on it to create an even better experience from start to finish. Don't sleep on this, it's one of the best PSVR 2 games to date.