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New State Mobile: First Ever PvE “Siege Mode” Is Now Available

The first-ever PvE mode in New State Mobile is now available along with the new Survivor Pass Vol. 14. Find the complete details here.
New State Mobile: First Ever PvE “Siege Mode” Is Now Available

New State Mobile's December update is out, bringing the first-ever PvE mode in the game, Siege mode. You can go to the Labs section to find it and while playing, you will have to fight waves of AI Androids (enemies) to protect Blue Zone inhibitor. 

Siege mode can be played with up to four players, and with every new wave that lasts for a fixed amount of time, the AI Androids will get stronger. However, if you get killed by them, you will be respawned after some time, but keep in mind that if the whole team dies, the game will be over.

You can then submit your feedback, and once the mode is ready, it will be launched globally. However, no release window/date has been unveiled for this. Apart from this, Round Deathmatch Mode is now playable in Station, and the devs have also added the lightweight C2 customization option to MCX. While equipped, it will decrease the firing sound and increase the aim down sight speed.

Last but not least, the new Survivor Pass Vol. 14 is also available for players to purchase, offering various free and premium rewards. You will have to complete daily and weekly missions to level up in the Survivor Pass, but make sure to do it before the pass ends.