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Quake 6 Release Date Speculation, News, Leaks & Details

Everything we know so far about Quake 6, from release date speculation to news, leaks, gameplay, details and small bits of info.
Quake 6 Release Date Speculation, News, Leaks & Details

The iconic first-person shooter (FPS) franchise originally from id Software might get a proper, full new game with single-player and multiplayer. Yes, we are talking about the possible Quake 6!

Join us as we discuss everything we know (or think we do!) about Quake 6, from release date speculation to content, what direction MachineGames might go with the next game, and much more.

Latest Quake 6 News & Leaks

You'll always find the latest Quake 6 news, leaks, and any other information we can find as we find it. This section will be consistently updated to provide you with the latest information alongside updated dates and media.

12 February 2024: Checked for new Quake 6 news or info

Apart from the possible tease by MachineGames during the Developer Direct, no additional info about Quake 6 has been found. We will continue our search!

Quake 6 Release Date Speculation

Quake 6 release date content story single-player multiplayer platforms xbox game pass launch machinegames
Waiting for Quake 6 news is as painful as undergoing Stroggification...(Picture: Bethesda)

At the time of writing, Quake 6 has not even been announced yet, so there is absolutely no release date to speak of. We can, however, speculate a bit because it's fun, and we might just get it right!

Let's take a look at the history of game releases in the Quake franchise.

Quake Game Release Date
Quake  22 June 1996
Quake 2 9 December 1997
Quake 3 Arena 2 December 1999
Quake 4 18 October 2005
Quake Live 6 August 2010
Quake Champions 18 August 2022

For those who don't know, Quake Champions was known internally as Quake 5. Therefore, Quake Live was the only game on this list not considered a mainline entry, and for good reason.

Please note: We did not include ports of the original two titles, as well as expansions.

Quake is a well-known IP that we do think will get revitalized sooner rather than later. Can we gather any possible Quake 6 release date window from this data? Probably not, but my personal guestimate is the release year of 2028 coinciding with a new console generation.

Quake 6 First Tease Spotted!

Quake 6 release date content story single-player multiplayer platforms xbox game pass launch machinegames
It's clearly meant to be in the shot, but is it a real tease? Yes, it probably is! (Picture: MachineGames/Bethesda)

During the Indiana Jones and the Great Circle Xbox Developer Direct video, there were some clips of the MachineGames' offices. That's where the image above comes from, as fans spotted on a whiteboard the letters "ake 6" with the iconic Quake franchise logo below it.

We are all assuming the "Qu" was just cut from the shot. The rest of the whiteboard appears to be developer designs for Indiana Jones puzzles. It is VERY likely a teaser put in on purpose by the developers. You can see it for yourself at the 44-minute, 44-second mark in the video below.

MachineGames is no stranger to working on the Quake franchise, having ported the original and its expansions for modern systems. The Swedish developer also revitalized the Wolfenstein franchise to great success. 

Therefore, it is very likely that MachineGames would be the perfect fit as the lead on Quake 6. Will id Software be involved in any way, shape, or form? And if so, will id Software reveal a brand-new engine with Quake 6? Let's hope so!

Quake 6 Platforms & Game Pass

At the time of writing, it is impossible to say which platforms Quake 6 will be on with 100% certainty. However, we believe the game will likely be released on Xbox consoles and PC. Will it release on PS5 or PS6? Your guess is as good as ours!

Since Bethesda is owned by Microsoft, and Quake 6 will likely be on PC and at least some consoles, the game will likely be an Xbox Game Pass Day 1 release.

What Type of Game is Quake 6?

Since the original game's release in 1996, the Quake franchise has always been a first-person shooter (FPS). In fact, it is one of the greatest old-school FPS franchises of all time, originally created by id Software.

If Quake 6 is anything but a brutal FPS title, I would undergo Stroggification...

Will Quake 6 Have a Single-Player Story?

Quake 6 release date content story single-player multiplayer platforms xbox game pass launch machinegames
Quake Champions, internally known as Q5, was a multiplayer-only title, but we do expect Quake 6 to have a story campaign. (Picture: Bethesda)

You know what...that's a very good question. The first two Quake games had single-player, then Quake 3 Arena didn't. Quake 4 had a story mode, and then Quake Champions (aka Q5) didn't.

With dedicated multiplayer titles already out in the wild, we believe that Quake 6 will have a single-player story. It's about time, and considering how well MachineGames did with the Wolfenstein franchise, we are getting hyped!

Stay tuned as we will update this article with the latest information as soon as it becomes available. We will search high and low for anything about Quake 6 because we all want to fight the Strogg once again!