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Rainbow Six Siege
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CR4ZY drops Rainbow Six Siege roster after failing to make Pro League

Despite their initial success winning the ESL Premiership Spring, team CR4ZY have dropped their Rainbow Six Siege roster after failing to qualify for Pro League.
Esports organisation CR4ZY have parted ways with their current Rainbow Six Siege roster after failing to qualify for Pro League. 

The promising roster transferred from MnM Gaming to CR4ZY in March earlier this year, before they went onto win the ESL Premiership Spring in an undefeated 10-0 winning streak. 

The team however couldn’t replicate the same success at this year’s Challenger League, where they finished in sixth place - out of the top two qualifying spots for the Pro League Season 12.

A statement on CR4ZY’s website reads: “We entered Rainbow Six Siege esports with a clear goal ahead of us - qualifying for the Rainbow Six Siege Pro League. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to achieve it. That means we’re parting ways with our R6 roster.”

They added: “Although guys did their best this time it wasn’t enough. They played some amazing matches and showed great improvement but the reality is that only results matter in the end.

“The decision was hard to make and we still believe that the team has great potential but we have to pursue goals we set for ourselves.”

The organisation is now “looking for other options” within the Rainbow Six Siege scene, teasing an announcement in the future. 

The primarily UK based roster received some support from G2 Esports star player Ben “CTZN” McMillan, calling for MnM Gaming to pick up the roster once again. 

Following the announcement, players Peter “pacbull” Bull, Leo “M4DMAN” Kukiel and head coach Ramiz “rcuth” Cuthbert have all decided to leave the team. 

While it’s surprising to see a roster acquired and dropped so quickly, it’s perhaps more a reflection of the limited support for tier two teams than the organisation itself.