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Rainbow Six Siege
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R6 Siege pro Yoona bannned from Twitch

This is Yoona's first Twitch ban.
Rainbow Six Siege pro João "Yoona" Gabriel Nerici has just been banned on Twitch.

This is Yoona's first time receiving a suspension on Twitch, so the punishment will probably not be too severe, but the reason behind this ban is yet to be revealed.

The 30-year-old Brazilian esports veteran has acknowledged his ban on Twitter but didn't provide any additional information on why he was banned.

Given that this is his first time being banned, the reason is very likely DMCA-related, but that is currently just speculation.

Yoona is currently playing for Black Dragons e-Sports, but over the last two years, he represented FaZe Clan, where he achieved some of his biggest professional successes, including second place at the Six August 2020 Major Brazil.

yoona r6s banned twitch
(Picture: SiegeGG)

Prior to switching to Rainbow Six Siege, Nerici played Battlefield 4 professionally and it was one of the more prominent members of the local Brazilian Battlefield community.

We will update the article with more information about Yoona's ban as soon as they become available.