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R6 Siege Y6S4 Outback map rework: All changes, images, more

R6 Siege gamers are getting a total refresh with the Y6S4 High Calibre update bringing loads of changes. The patch involves significant changes to the landscape, here's all the info on the R6 Siege Y6S4 Outback map rework.
R6 Siege Y6S4 Outback map rework: All changes, images, more

The Y6S4 High Calibre update is coming soon in Rainbow Six: Seige and gamers can expect some interesting changes. As is the case with any new season, Rainbow Six will add a new Operator to the game, who we now know is named Thorn.

To the excitement of many, the Y6S4 update will also bring noticeable changes to the 2019 map Outback. It's a relatively new map and it certainly came with its issues, namely being hard to navigate.

It looks as though the Rainbow Six Seige team has addressed the issues and made appropriate adjustments to provide a better gameplay experience. Here's everything you need to know about the R6 Siege Y6S4 Outback map rework.

Rainbow Six Siege Outback map rework
The new Outback map came with its problems upon release, but it has since been reworked for optimal gameplay. (Picture: Ubisoft)

Outback map rework - R6 Siege Y6S4

With the hope of improving the Outback map to the point where it would be suitable for pro league and ranked gameplay, R6 Siege game devs spoke with pros about what could be done to rework the map. One of the major takeaways was improving the mobility and flexibility of the map, as its overall constricted feel made it a bit clunky.

Some areas of Outback were expanded to prevent choke points, while others were scaled down to encourage gamers to explore some of the newly edited sections. Here's a list of noted changes so far:

  • Party Room and Office are now easier to defend
    • Added exterior breakable wall and office supply
  • The Restaurant split into two rooms between Shark
    • Provides more cover and navigation options
  • Open Terrace is now closed
    • Added connection points to Piano and Resto
  • The Hotel is now decluttered
    • Cleaned up many of props and moved the closet
  • Doms Laundry is now Laundry Piano
    • Easier to defend, fewer windows
R6 Seige Outback Hotel
Before looks at the Hotel location prior to the Y6S4 Outback map rework. (Picture: Ubisoft)
R6 Siege Outback Hotel after
Final results After the Y6S4 Outback map rework. (Picture: Ubisoft)
R6 Siege Outback outside
A look at an outdoor portion of Outback prior to the Y6S4 update. (Picture: Ubisoft)
R6 Siege Outback outdoors after
A decluttered look at the outdoors section of the Outback map after the Y6S4 map rework. (Picture: Ubisoft)
R6 Siege Outback Restaurant Before
The Restaurant location of Outback prior to the expansion of Y6S4. (Picture: Ubisoft)
R6 Siege Restaurant After
The new and improved Restaurant featuring an added room to increase mobility. (Picture: Ubisoft)


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Featured image courtesy of Ubisoft.