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Rainbow Six Siege: Ace Operator Guide - Loadout, Abilities, and Playstyle

Ace is the latest attacker introduced to Siege with the Steel Wave update.
Rainbow Six Siege: Ace Operator Guide - Loadout, Abilities, and Playstyle

Rainbow Six Siege’s Operation Steel Wave introduces two brand new operators for players to use: Ace and Melusi. Ace is a new attacker with a unique S.E.L.M.A Aqua Breacher that can create entrances or lines of sight for his teammates. His loadout also makes him a well-rounded attacker that can be deadly in the right hands. 

Here is a breakdown of Ace’s unique ability, loadout, and playstyle. 


Ace's Unique Ability

Siege Ace Operator guide ace loadout
(Picture: Ubisoft)


Ace’s S.E.L.M.A’s Aqua Breacher is a throwable device that uses hydraulic pressure to destroy breakable and reinforced surfaces. The device can stick to walls, floors, ceilings, and hatches and fully deploys after landing. 

The Aqua Breacher blows a sizable whole where it lands similar to Hibana’s X-Kairos pellets or Mira’s Black Mirror. The device explodes once on floors, ceilings, and hatches, but will roll down a wall if there is space and will deploy up to three times. This makes Ace a strong breacher with the potential to open an entire wall if necessary. 

Ace is equipped with three devices and can throw them on most surfaces. The Aqua breacher will not work on electrified reinforced walls, so make sure to not waste an explosive device. The Aqua Breacher can also be used to destroy various defender gadgets such as Melusi’s Banshee Sonic Defense or a Maestro Evil Eye. 

Players looking to make a point can even finish a downed enemy with the Aqua Breacher to add insult to injury. 

Ace’s S.E.L.M.A Aqua Breacher is on par with other breacher devices and can be used to make an entrance or to distract an enemy. 



Ace has two primary weapons at his disposal; The AK-12 and the M1014 Shotgun. Both weapons are deadly in the proper circumstances and can be customized with various attachments. 

The AK-12 is a solid weapon that excels in most ranges and situations. Players can one-shot enemies from a distance or deliver incredible firepower in a close quarter fight. The weapon does have a strong recoil, so make sure to learn the spray pattern or use the proper attachments to reduce the effects. 

The M1014 shotgun is a great weapon in close-quarter fights. A well-placed shot can instantly down an enemy and turn the tides of a firefight. The M1014 can also be used to break down breakable walls quickly as the shells do a heavy amount of damage 

This weapon is good up close but will put players at a disadvantage in long-range engagements. If this is your preferred weapon make sure to pick close range fights and avoid taking pop shots at distant enemies. 

Ace has a trusty P9 handgun as his secondary weapon which is good in a pinch. The gun does not deal a large amount of damage but can finish off a wounded enemy. Players can also customize this weapon with various attachments that make it more effective. 

Ace can select a breach charge or a smoke grenade as his gadget. The breach charge is an effective explosive device that can blowhole in a breakable wall. Players who want to be the ultimate breacher should select this gadget as it will allow them to be prepared in all situations. 

The smoke grenade is a solid utility item that can cover a team's advance or cut off a line of sight. Players can use a smoke grenade after making a hole with their Aqua Breacher to enter a room undetected. 

Ace’s Playstyle 

Ace Playstyle rainbow six siege operator how to play ace
(Picture: Riot Games)


Ace is the perfect character for players who want to fill the breacher position in their team composition but also have access to a solid loadout. 

Ace is a two speed two-armour character which means he can move around relatively quickly and take a punch. This does not mean a well-placed headshot won’t down the character, so keep that in mind when running around. 

The Aqua Breacher can be used as the main breaching device to gain access to a hostage or bomb site, but it can also be used to create unique lines of sight. Ace can throw his device while repelling which means players peak down and eliminate hiding enemies. The device can also be thrown on floors to create a vertical line of sight on enemies below. 

Clever players can also toss an Aqua Breacher to distract the enemy team while pushing from another angle. Most players will expect a player to come through the destroyed wall and will likely leave another entrance unguarded. 

Ace comes equipped with three Aqua Breachers which can be used for more than breaching. It only takes one device to open a hole in most situations, so don’t be afraid to use the other devices as needed. The Aqua Breachers can be used to destroy other defender gadgets and eliminate obstacles for your team. 

Ace can also use all three devices in a row and open an entire wall and expose a bombsite. Be prepared for a fight when using the device, however, because the Aqua Breacher takes time to fully deploy and defenders will hear the explosions. 


A good breacher with a solid loadout

Ace is an effective breacher that most players will enjoy. His unique ability is easy to use and effective in most situations. If you have enough renown points saved or were waiting on an operator worth purchasing, Ace is a good choice.