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Rainbow Six Siege
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Rainbow Six: Siege casting goes remote as Season 11 matches set to continue

The Rainbow Six Siege Pro League will return with the broadcast team set to cast from remotely from their homes.
As Pro League matches continue today in Rainbow Six: Siege, the game’s most popular casters are pledging to cast from the comfort of their own homes

On the 24th March, ESL Rainbow Six’s Twitter put out a post stating that "the show must go!" Adding, "Pro League is about to get a bit cozier!"


Since the announcement went live just before Team Empire’s game versus Natus Vincere, jokes about the casters on Twitter have been spreading like wildfire. While the Siege community is obviously thankful for the casters’ dedication, they seemingly cannot resist throwing some jokes their way. 

As these casters tend to have incredibly active Twitch followings, their viewers are already used to seeing and hearing them in a more "homely" element than on a stage. 


As the aforementioned Empire versus NaVi game came to a close, casters Devin “Mzo” Becker and Ghassan “Milosh” Finge found themselves sitting far across the world from one another, instead of side-by-side at a caster’s desk. Regardless, their performance was as stellar as ever. The much anticipated upcoming match between Rogue and G2 Esports have the luxury of being cast by the pair as well. 



The Rainbow Six community may be in quarantine thanks to Coronavirus, however, that will not be enough to stop it from uniting over what it loves.