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Rainbow Six Siege
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Rainbow Six Siege Crimson Heist Battle Pass: Release, price, operators, and more

Year 6 of R6 Siege kicks-off with a new battle pass filled with content for players to unlock, including a new operator, Flores.
Fans of Rainbow Six Siege now have the opportunity to grind through the Year 6 Battle Pass, also known as the Crimson Heist. 

Like other titles with similar systems, the battle pass is designed to keep players engaged for a prolonged period of time, giving them rewards as they play through the season. 

This time around, the Crimson Heist Battle Pass adds a plethora of goodies, including a brand-new operator, Flores, an area denial expert hailing from Buenos Aries, Argentina.

Want to know more about the Rainbow Six Heist Battle Pass? Keep on reading as we provide key details.

Crimson Heist Battle Pass - Release date

crimson heist battle pass
(Picture: Ubisoft)

The Crimson Heist Battle Pass is now available for all players to acquire. 

Players will have until 25th May to unlock every tier, with the battle pass featuring both a free and premium set of rewards waiting for them.

In total, there are 131 items to collect across 100 tiers. How much will the Premium road cost you ask? Well...

Crimson Heist Battle Pass - Cost

If you wish to acquire the Premium Crimson Heist Battle Pass, you have two options -- the Premium Track and the Premium Bundle.

Here's a breakdown of both.

Premium Track

  • Cost: 1,200 R6 credits
  • Rewards on each tier
  • New Operator: Flores

Premium Bundle

  • Cost: 2,400 R6 credits
  • Immediately unlocks the first 12 tiers
  • Rewards on each tier
  • New Operator: Flores on the first tier
  • Iana Silver Bombshell headgear & many weapon skins

1,200 credits will set you back around $14, depending on your region.

Crimson Heist Battle Pass - Challenges

r6 crimson battle heist
(Picture: Ubisoft)

To help players complete the Crimson Heist Battle Pass faster, Ubisoft has seasonal challenges in place rewarding XP.

The following are the ones available until 30th March:

  • Shotgun Eliminations: 3,500,000 kills (as acommunity) - 850 XP
  • Rifle Expert: Eliminate 20 opponents with rifles - 850 XP
  • Sharpshooter: Get 35 headshots - 850 XP
  • Sweeper: Destroy 5 gadgets - 850 XP

Crimson Heist Battle Pass - Rewards

As we've said, there are a total of 131 rewards spread out across the Battle Pass. Ubisoft has highlighted some of the most impressive looking skins for both operators and weapons to get fans excited, take a look down below.

Check back often as we'll update the weekly challenges to help you grind out the Crimson Heist Battle Pass moving forward.