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Rainbow Six Siege: Melusi Operator Guide - Loadout, Abilities, and Playstyle

Melusi is a strong operator who will likely see a lot of playtime.
Rainbow Six Siege: Melusi Operator Guide - Loadout, Abilities, and Playstyle

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Steel Wave introduced a powerful new defender with a unique gadget that stops attackers in their tracks. Melusi’s Banshee Sonic Defense is a deployable device that emits a loud sound and slows enemies when they enter the affected area. She is also a quick defender which allows her to eliminate enemies caught in her various traps. 

Here is a breakdown of Melusi’s gadget, loadout, and playstyle. 

Melusi's Unique Ability

Melusi Unique ability 

Melusi is equipped with three Banshee Sonic Defense traps that can be deployed on walls and floors. The device activates when an enemy is in it’s line of sight and emits a loud noise that slows and disorients the player. 

Players caught in the trap are vulnerable as their movement is slowed until they leave the area or destroy the trap. The device is bulletproof, however, so attackers will have to use an explosive or melee it up close to destroy it. This usually provides enough time for Melusi or another defender to eliminate the slowed enemy. 

Melusi can deploy the three devices to cover several entrances around the map which will alert the defending team on the enemies position. Even if the enemy escapes the trap before being killed, the defending team will have information on the enemies movement and can plan accordingly. 

The Banshee Sonic Defense also works between floors as long as there is a clear line of sight, so try and get creative with your placements. 



Melusi can choose between the T-5 SMG or the Super 90 shotgun as her primary weapon. 

The T-5 SMG is a deadly close-range weapon. Players can hip fire enemies if they are close enough for an easy kill, or fire in bursts at longer ranges. The weapon does have a strong recoil, but players can learn the spray pattern and control it over time. 

The Super 90 shotgun is a powerful weapon perfect for close-quarter fights. This weapon can quickly eliminate players caught in the Banshee Sonic Defense trap and can also break down walls quickly. The Super 90 shotgun will not compete with rifles at long distances, however, so choose your battles wisely. 

Melusi has the RG15 handgun as her secondary weapon. Players can equip a sight to the handgun for better accuracy during firefights or when they run out of ammo. 

Melusi also can choose either a Nitro Cell or Impact grenade as her gadget which are deadly when combined with her traps. 



Melusi operator guide how to play with melusi siege
(Picture: Ubisoft)


Melusi is a three-speed one armour operator with one of the strongest gadgets in the game.

The Sonic Banshee Defense traps provide information on enemy movement and leaves them vulnerable for a significant amount of time. Melusi players should try and eliminate foes caught in the trap when possible as they are at a disadvantage. 

Players are slowed while affected by the trap, but their sensitivity is not affected and can still shoot back. Do not rush enemy players expecting a free kill. 

Players can also use Melusi’s nitro cell or impact grenade on enemies caught in one of her traps for an easy kill. Nitro cells are already difficult to avoid, and having slower speed means there is little hope for survival. 

The Sonic Banshee Defense can also be placed in open areas where Melusi can watch from a distance. The traps function similar to Lesion’s GU Mines as they alert players when an enemy enters the area and slows them down. Melusi can hide in a safe area until they hear the trap activate and peak out for an easy kill. 

The traps cover a large area around them, so make sure to space them out to avoid unnecessary overlap.


Stop attackers with ease

Melusi is a strong defender that could stop an entire team single-handedly. Players should not overlook her win selecting an operator as she is a solid pick for any team composition. Do not be surprised if she is banned in ranked, however, as players are still trying to learn how to counter her traps. 


Melusi wasn't the only agent added in the recent Operation Steel Wave update, Ace, whose unique Aqua Breacher makes him a powerful agent, and one worth trying to learn. See how you can make the most of him in our Ace Operator guide.