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Rainbow Six Siege
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Rainbow Six Siege’s Operation Steel Wave trailer leak reveals new operators

After Ubisoft teased the arrival of Operation Steel Wave DLC, a trailer has leaked online showing new operators Ace and Melusi.
A trailer has leaked online showing new operators Ace and Melusi for Rainbow Six Siege’s next DLC Operation Steel Wave. 

Earlier this week, Ubisoft debuted a teaser revealing Operation Steel Wave as the next batch of DLC for the shooter, promising more details on the horizon. 

It seems the reveal may have been blown early however, with an official trailer appearing to leak on the Rainbow Six subreddit

The trailer itself is entirely cinematic, showing new Attacker operator Ace and Defender operator Melusi.

FULL LEAKED TEASER TRAILER FOR Y5 S2 New Operators from Rainbow6

While it doesn’t exactly reveal much, the teaser promises a “full reveal” of the Operation Steel Wave on Monday 18th May at 12pm ET/5pm BST. 

The only details we know about the new operators is they’ll be Norwegian and South African respectively, which was announced at this year’s Six Invitational. 

Considering the reveal date, it’s likely this trailer will officially debut later today - although Ubisoft have yet to make an official response.

Operation Steel Wave is the second DLC pack in Year 5 of Rainbow Six Siege, following the release of Operation Void Edge back in March.