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Rainbow Six Siege
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Rainbow Six Siege reversed sound bug finally fixed with latest patch

Ubisoft has finally been able to fix the longstanding reversed sound bug in Rainbow Six Siege with the Y5S3.1 patch.
Rainbox Six Siege has had a longstanding sound bug ever since it's release. It is called the reverse sound bug by the Rainbow Six Siege community. It caused sounds to be inverted in headphones, brought on by a few regular actions such as switching from regular view to camera view. Now, it seems Ubisoft has finally fixed the bug in the Y5S3.1 patch.

Rainbow Six Siege reversed sound bug fixed

Ubisoft has been working on squashing bugs in the game, and while squashing a certain bug, the developers also appear to have fixed the reversed sound issue.

After the Y5S3.1 patch went live on PC, Ubisoft is unable to recreate the reversed sound bug in Rainbow Six Siege.

This should make a lot of fans and players happy, as the reversed sound bug led to a whole lot of confusion at time, and even caused incorrect callouts from players.

This bug has been plaguing Siege players for years, and it is great to see it finally get squashed.

Rainbow Six siege reversed sound bug ubisoft

(Picture: Ubisoft)


The Y5S3.1 patch also removes the vote-to-kick feature from Quick Match. Ubisoft explains their decision:

"We've been monitoring the use of vote-to-kick for the last seasons and have confirmed that it is indeed a highly abused feature used as a disruption tool and that it is considered by most to be a pain point in this playlist. Considering that it brings more tension to Quick Match, we decided to turn it off."

Hopefully, this issue is now gone for good. Ubisoft has explained how since the latest Rainbow Six Siege patch, players who have been experiencing the reversed sound bug in the past have not reported it.