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Rainbow Six Siege
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Rainbow Six: Siege’s most controversial patch is about to go live, featuring more changes from the last patch notes

Year 5 Season 1.2’s patch notes have set the community aflame once more, and the updated patch notes feature a nerf to Goyo
After Ubisoft released their Technical Test Server (TTS)’s patch notes, the community was quickly split between some of the changes. Jäger being nerfed to a 2-speed 2-armour operator had a majority of the community begging Ubisoft to revert the change, the same going for the removal of Buck’s frag grenades.

Ying’s buff had some members of the community speaking out in fear, relating the addition of her smoke grenades and extra candela to her status at release, such as popular Siege content creator Spawntaneous.



Regardless of the community’s input, Siege’s newest patch is due to go live, so let’s go over all of the changes. 

Designer’s Notes: 

For every one of Siege’s mid-season patches, Ubisoft releases their “Designer’s Notes” to give the community some insight into why the developers make the decisions they do.

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Ubisoft releases graphics showing all operators on a graph comparing their presence (A measure of how many rounds that operator is played/banned) in games and their win deltas (A statistic showing how likely an operator is to be a part of a winning round).


Rainbow Six Siege Y5s1 patch notes 1.2
(Credit: Ubisoft)

Siege Jager Ying y5s1 1.2 patch notes update live
(Credit: Ubisoft)


They cite Jäger’s astronomical presence statistic as the primary reason for the nerf to his speed, and Ying’s less than stellar pick rate and performance as the reason for her buff. 


Ying’s Buff

Ying has remained relatively unchanged from the TTS patch notes, receiving an extra candela, increased damage on her T-95 LSW primary (43 up to 46), and smoke grenades in place of her claymore. The developers state that this will hopefully affect her performance greatly, but only time will tell if this buff is too little, too much, or just right. 

Weapon Changes

Caveira’s M-12 maintains its buff in receiving the Razor Holographic sight. A good quality of life change for Caveira players everywhere who enjoy using her now-frequently buffed SMG. 

The TCSG12 shotgun maintains the nerf to its damage (84 to 57 damage), and is receiving an extra 10 shots to its ammunition pool. Kaid and Goyo players may be upset, but all the Goyo mains out there may have even more to worry about later in the patch notes. 

Jäger’s Nerf 

Jäger has been changed from a 3-speed 1-armour operator to a 2-speed 2-armour operator. The community outcry has been substantial and one can only wait and see how this affects his astronomical level of play. 

Mozzie’s Nerf 

Mozzie has lost his Super Shorty secondary shotgun, and does not have a replacement secondary weapon. All Mozzie players will default to the SDP 9mm handgun, which has seen little to no use in Siege up until this patch. 

Buck’s Nerf 

Buck has lost his frag grenades, a staple of his kit, and gains a claymore. The claymore will surely help cover his flanks while attacking an objective vertically, but it will certainly be a tough change to adapt to. His Skeleton Key gadget has received an increased capacity per magazine (5 up to 6) and an increase in maximum ammunition (from 21 up to 26). 

Goyo’s Nerf 

This is the only change in the live patch notes not in the TTS ones. Goyo has lost one of his Volcàn shields, bringing his gadget total from 3 to 2. Between the nerf to his shotgun and losing one of his shields, Goyo mains will be crying out after this patch. 

You can read all about all these changes in the Designer’s Notes here, and you can read our story on the original Test Server notes here.

The complete patch notes can be found on the official Rainbow Six: Siege website.