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Rainbow Six Siege UK Ireland Nationals prize pool and details announced: Here’s how to sign up

Ubisoft has announced further details on the UK Ireland Nationals for Rainbow Six Siege esports, including the biggest prize pool for a UK Rainbow Six Siege tournament.
Rainbow Six Siege UK Ireland Nationals prize pool and details announced: Here’s how to sign up

After Ubisoft announced their wider plans for European Rainbow Six Siege esports, we now have further details on the UK Ireland Nationals feeding into the new ecosystem. 

The UK Ireland Nationals essentially serve as a UK gateway (much like the old ESL Premiership) for the top teams to the European Challenger League, with the possibility of climbing further towards the Rainbow Six Siege European League. 

This new rebranded league however boasts its biggest prize pool yet of £25,000 for the Summer 2020 season, with Ubisoft teaming up with specialist esports agency Promod Esports to help build the tournament. 

Many of the people behind Promod Esports helped bring the ESL Premiership Spring 2020 to life, along with many other esports tournaments around the UK. 

Rob Black, Promod Esports CEO, said: “We’re delighted to be able to work with Ubisoft on the newly announced UK Ireland Nationals, the Promod Esports team have loved working with Rainbow Six Siege over the last few years and we cannot be more excited to continue to be a part of developing the domestic competitive scene.”

Will Attwood, Esports Marketing Manager for Ubisoft UK, explained how the new league will follow a similar format fans have come to expect - with some added weight on the finals. 

Rainbow Six Siege UK Ireland Nationals
The UK Ireland Nationals start in the summer (Picture: Ubisoft) 


“We’re not going to reinvent the wheel here but we’re looking to build on the strong base of players we’ve got in the UK and Ireland,” Attwood told GINX TV. “Who are some of the most passionate people about the game we’ve seen. 

“The format is going to be similar to what we’ve seen in the past but with an expanded finals up to two days of competition from one previously.

“This gives us a great platform to showcase the best of UK and Irish talent, with a best-of-5 grand finals, but also turn the finals into a must watch event in the Siege calendar. 

“Plus there’s a spot in the EU Challenger League directly on the line now, something fans and players have been wanting for a long time, and that’s going to push the competition to the next level.”

While this year’s UK Ireland Nationals will likely remain online due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Attwood teased what to expect when LAN events do make a comeback. 

“We’ve got some exciting plans for LAN events once we’re able to put those into action and hope to bring the finals to a few different cities,” Attwood said. “2019 was a strong year for Siege in the UK and Ireland with 300 people joining us in Spring and Winter for the finals and we see this as a great opportunity to build on that. 

“In the meantime we’re looking to put on the best online shows we can and allow everyone to join in with the National tournaments and see those future Six Invitational Champions as they progress to the European stage.”

Rainbow Six Siege Na'Vi
Who will be the next Na'Vi from the UK? (Picture: ESL) 


How do teams sign up for the Rainbow Six Siege UK Ireland Nationals?

To take part in the UK Ireland Nationals, teams have to play in the qualifiers taking place on 20th and 21st June. You can sign up for the event here


What is the format for the UK Ireland Nationals?

The tournament kicks off with a round-robin group stage. The two top teams from this stage will move forward directly to the finals. 

Teams who place third to sixth in the group stage will face each other in the playoffs, with the best two teams securing the remaining places in the finals. 

The finals will take place over two days between the four teams, with the winner crowned champions for Summer 2020 and qualifying for the European Challenger League. 

The UK Ireland Nationals start in the summer after the qualifiers on 20th and 21st June.