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Rainbow Six Siege
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Soulz leaves Team Singularity, two new players join Rainbow Six Siege roster

It is unclear where the talented player will be going next.
Lucas “Soulz” Schinke has been transferred from Team Singularity to another undisclosed team. Soulz will be replaced by Juliano Andrade “Levy” dos Santos and Matheus Fillipe “KingSt4r” da Silva on the team’s Rainbow Six Siege roster.  



Team Singularity finished in sixth place in season 11 of the Rainbow Six Siege Pro League in Latin America. The two new players might be the change needed to help get the team back on track. 

Team Singularity explained how losing Soulz was difficult and caused them to adjust and that they wish him luck on his future endeavours. 

“The departure of Soulz from the team was very difficult in the beginning, because he was one of the fundamental pieces of the team, but with time we are already adjusting that. The whole team is very happy for Soulz's new opportunity, and with the evolution we have had together we only wish him the best, because he’s been a great teammate!”

Soulz explained that he worked hard this season but that it was unfortunately not enough to get the results they wanted. He is now focusing on improving as a player in order to do better on his new team next season. 


Team Singularity Rainbow six siege levy kingst4r
(Picture: Team Singularity)


Soulz will be replaced by Levy and KingSt4r two talented Brazilian players that will hopefully help Team Singularity perform better in the future. 

Atle Stehouwer, the Founder & CEO of Team Singularity expressed his excitement about the two new players joining the team:

“I’m happy to welcome Levy and Kingst4r to the team and finalize our Rainbow Six roster. I’m looking forward to helping provide them with a framework to develop, and to see the team in action!”

Fans will have to wait for Soulz to disclose what team he was transferred to and how the two new players will adjust to the Team Singularity lineup.