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Ubisoft under fire for removing cosmetics from former developers in Rainbow Six: Siege

Ubisoft has announced the removal of all dev skins and charms from the accounts of all former Siege developers, and the community is not happy.

Ubisoft has announced that they have removed all developer skins and charms from former developers of Rainbow Six: Siege.

The issue was brought to light by “TheGodlyNoob”, a popular Siege streamer and YouTuber, and former game tester at Ubisoft. 

Considering the lack of a formal post on the matter on behalf of Ubisoft outside of the solitary Twitter response posted after “TheGodlyNoob” had asked about his missing dev cosmetics, the Siege community was left to question what Ubisoft’s motivations could have been for the change.

The tweet was subsequently posted to the official Rainbow 6 subreddit. 

The post garnered over 34,000 upvotes and received a response from a Ubisoft developer in the comments who had the following to say: “The dev charm + skin removal (which happened on March 11th) did not stem from [TheGodlyNoob].”



It appears that the loss of cosmetics went unnoticed for quite a long time until “TheGodlyNoob” caught on.

In an attempt to address the community’s concerns regarding developers having the skin as recognition for the work they have done, Ubisoft had the following to say: “We are working to manage the perception of who is/is not currently a dev on the game.”

They also say that developer cosmetics are intended to represent current developers for the game, so when players see the dev skins in-game, they will know that who they are playing with is a Ubisoft employee. Despite this response, the community pointed out that up until March 11th (when the cosmetics were said to be removed) all former and current developers had access to their cosmetics. Siege fans began asking what changed to make Ubisoft force these changes now, but questions have garnered no official response thus far. 


Rainbow Six Siege developers get cosmetics taken off them by developers


This is not the only incident Ubisoft has come under fire for a lack of communication, earlier this week, three of North America’s most beloved pro league teams left the Pro League, with some players claiming they were left in the dark over the decision. 

If you would like to read the Ubisoft representative’s full response, you can do so here.

The image regarding the tweet comes from a Rainbow 6 subreddit dedicated to memes, and you can find the post here

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