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Rainbow Six Siege Y9S2: Release Date Window, New Operator and Everything We Know

Looking ahead to Rainbow Six Siege Y9S2? We're keeping track of everything that's been revealed so far about the new season.
Rainbow Six Siege Y9S2: Release Date Window, New Operator and Everything We Know

Rainbow Six Siege is going strong and, if Y9S1 is anything to go by, a brand new season could have plenty of surprises lined up. While we're still enjoying Operation Deadly Omen, which introduced us to new Operator Deimos, Y9S2 is slowly creeping around the corner.  Below, we'll go over everything we know about the upcoming season, including its release date and new content.

Y9S2: Operation New Blood Latest News & Leaks

We'll keep you updated on any official news and leaks related to the upcoming Y9S2 season.

26 May — R6 Manchester Major Grand Finals Y9S2 Panel

Ubisoft hosted a panel at the R6 Manchester Major, which went into more depth on the upcoming season, including Operator updates for Solis and Fenrir. The long awaited Marketplace feature has been confirmed to be arriving in Y9S2 on June 25. 

6 May 2024 - Mid-Season Roadmap Offers Y9S2 Update

The Rainbow Six Siege Mid-Season Roadmap update has been released and it offers a look at some of the Year 9 Season 2 updates.

The full blog post is here, but we've updated this page (further down) with the confirmed and tentative details.

19 April 2024 - Y9S2 Reputation System Delayed

As per a new blog post on the Rainbow Six Siege website, Ubisoft has confirmed that they will be delaying the release of the Reputation System, which was intended to launch in Y9S2 in June 2024.

Full quotes explaining why, can be found in the blog post and down below:

"Thanks to your feedback, it's become clear that large changes are needed in order for the Reputation System to meet the requirements that we've set. With this in mind, Impacts based on your Standing will be no longer be introduced in Y9S2 and will instead come in a later season. Consequently, as the Reputation System will not see its full release in the coming season, it will remain in Beta for now."

12 March 2024 - Ubisoft updates Y9 seasonal roadmap

Ubisoft have updated their roadmap for Y9, which currently gives tentative dates and planned content for the next three seasons. You can check out the full roadmap here

Rainbow Six Siege Year 9 Season 2 Release Date Window

According to Ubosoft's R9S Y9 roadmap, Y9S2 is expected to begin in June 2024. At the R6 Manchester Major Y9S2 panel, Ubisoft confirmed Operation New Blood test servers will be launching on June 11.

 This also means, at the time of writing, we don't have an exact release date for Y9S2, though the Marketplace will be launching on June 25.

Rainbow Six Siege Year 9 Season 2 Content

Thanks to Ubisoft's Y9 roadmap once again, we have a pretty good idea of what content is set to arrive in Y9S2. However, at the time of writing, these are all tentative, and therefore subject to change.

Y9S2 - New Operator

It seems that in Rainbow Six Siege Y9S2, Ubisoft will be forgoing a new Operator in favor of a "revamp" of The Recruit (Attacker & Defender). This Operator will be getting a new look, and will be playable in the Ranked Playlist.

65f43c04d370b-recruit remaster.png
It seems we won't be getting a brand new Operator in Y9S2. (Picture: Ubisoft)

Y9S2 - Upcoming Major Features

  • Reputation System: The full release of this system is expected to arrive in Y9S2
  • Siege Marketplace Launch: This long-teased feature is also currently scheduled for release in the upcoming season. This will enable players to buy and sell cosmetics in a new dedicated marketplace. This will arrive on June 25.
  • Map Filters: There will be new map filters added for Standard playlists.

Y9S2 - Player Protection

Steam: Improved Ban Enforcement Part 1:

  • Initial phase of implementing a new security measure to enhance ban enforcement on Steam.

Y9S2 - Balancing

Two Operators are scheduled to receive some balancing updates:

  • Fenrir: To improve the balance between Attackers and Defenders.
  • Solis: Part one of this Operator's rebalance. 
65f441124a4ec-fenrir balancing.png
Two Operators are set to receive some balancing updates in Y9S2. (Picture: Ubisoft)

Y9S2 - Training / Onboarding

  • [Tentative] Map Training Playlist: New "Endless Drill" mode to be introduced to the Map Training Playlist. Stay tuned for more info!
  • Map Training Playlist: Adding more maps to the Map Training playlist.
  • Versus AI: Adding additional AI-controlled Operators and new maps into the Versus AI playlist 

65f4408f65e57-new end screen.png
A new end-of-match screen aims to give a more in-depth recap. (Picture: Ubisoft)

That's all for the current news ahead of Rainbow Six Siege Y9S2. We'll be updating this page as more information is made available, so be sure to check back soon!