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Ready or Not Next Update: Release Date Speculation, News, Leaks and More

Come and check up on the plans for future updates on Ready or Not
Ready or Not Next Update: Release Date Speculation, News, Leaks and More
VOID Interactive

Ready or Not is an impressive SWAT first-person tactical shooter, first available in 2019. After a series of updates and releasing large quantities of content, the developers have seen much success with their shooter. The player base remains incredibly loyal to the developers, VOID Interactive, and will continue to anticipate the release of new content from the general 2023 roadmap. The developers in early 2023 provided players with an AMA (ask me anything) where fans could ask questions about the future and possibilities within the title. Within this ask me anything, the player base established many future, potential and non-potential plans coming to Ready or Not in coming months. 

Where developers did make specific confirmations of upcoming releases of content, they were also dismissive and ambiguous about certain ideas and plans, leading to rumors of possible development and testing of these ideas. The ask me anything video is available on YouTube, the video features questions being asked by the player, having an extensive and somewhat honest response, of course, the developers don't want to reveal every little detail but here's what we know about the possibilities in the games future and next updates.


Ready or Not - The Next Update Coming In 2023

Here's what we know about the next update coming within the next few months:

1.0 'Streamer' Update

VOID Interactive released a YouTube video on June 29th, showcasing who the infamous "Milky Toes" alias represents. Despite our wildest predictions, "Milky Toes" turns out to be an innocent streamer who is being swatted, by us. This seems like an incredibly funny experience for players to endure, however, it doesn't seem like there will be much replayability due to the lack of actual combat and SWAT gameplay. Therefore, it wouldn't be outrageous to predict that "Milky Toes" could well add some extra value to the storytelling of Ready or Not, because there's no way players are going to be excited to raid a Twitch streamer with no combat, knowing it's a hoax. 

You can check out the trailer below for this upcoming "Milky Toes" SWAT raid:

The developers have made some fairly ambiguous statements revolving around the Milky Toes raid mission, saying "The situation revolves around expecting the unexpected. The deployed squad will have to meticulously inspect every corner and potential hiding spot to ensure nothing is missed in the operation. Every encounter can be critical; sometimes, even a basic perspective can turn into a wide-ranging investigation." "While this may seem like a typical day for everyone, Michael’s group rarely shies away from his place. Even if the combat expertise may not be the same as the level of a professional, his friends would do anything to protect the active operations happening behind closed doors." 

These can suggest that perhaps we're going to experience some potential hardship from the people surrounding the "Milky Toes" streamer. I'm sure it's nothing like the trusty 5.45x39 can't solve, however. Personally, I believe we're going for a slightly more non-lethal approach in this situation. The raid could potentially lead to further missions and maps after the developers mentioned that this update would "turn into a wide-ranging investigation" and additionally "The situation revolves around expecting the unexpected".

New Map - The First Sin

As seen within the Ready or Not development updates (Volume 54) posted to Steam on June 15, the developers at VOID Interactive have given players a closer look at the upcoming map known as "The First Sin" taking place inside a grand building with luxurious insides. 

The context of the map is: Taking place after the attempted assassination of a US Lawmaker by a group of disenfranchised Veterans, Sins of the Father brings the team to a devilishly opulent penthouse suite packed to the brim with some of the toughest hostiles that the LSPD has come up against yet. Allowing players to expect a high-difficulty scenario, enforcing players to select the correct gear and optimize their squad accordingly for difficult AI experiences. 

The map looks awesome, but perhaps considering the name we can expect a new kind of enemy facing against us on this new map?

VOID Interactive
A sneak peek at the new map 'The First Sin'

Ready or Not Future Updates 2023 

The following updates aren't confirmed to be in the streamer update, however, these are currently in the works, so it will be interesting to see if any end up in the next update: 

Ready or Not VOIP upgrades

The developers have decided they want to implement a new VOIP system within Ready or Not, having players' in-game microphones manipulated by the environments they find themselves within, such as open/confined spaces. For example, if players find themselves within an open indoor area such as a hall, their voices may echo down the hallway and alert AI.

This brings a completely new aspect to VOIP, forcing titles like Escape from Tarkov and other tactical FPS developers to import the same changes to keep up with the competition. No other developer has successfully created this type of VOIP and completed it properly. Therefore this kind of implementation will increase immersion and enjoyability. 

Ready or Not Variable Zoom Scopes 

The developers at VOID Interactive want to expand on their weapon customization choices, expanding to a much loved and obvious choice, variable zoom scopes. These will allow players to operate at both distance and close-range combat, bringing adaptivity to weapon customization. The continuation to add weapon customization options is vital within this game due to Ready or Not being a tactical shooter, therefore we can expect to see a wide plethora of weapons joining the game alongside new attachments.


Ready or Not Day/Night Map variants 

Currently Ready or Not experiences many maps at different times of day, mostly at nighttime. However, fans in the ask me anything planted a seed in developers' minds by asking questions about implementing day/night map variants. Developers since have mentioned that they are considering testing and redeveloping maps to match different times of day, additionally, adding weather cycles to spice things up ambiance-wise.

Ready or Not map interactivity - power 

The Ready or Not developers have expressed their desire to implement new map interactivity, allowing players to turn off the electricity in-game. This will allow players to operate using night-vision or mounted torches on their weapons, giving a new edge for players to experience and providing a new sense of horror within the SWAT combat simulation. Overall, this idea is excellent, but Ready or Not thrives from most of the aesthetical looks of most bright and vibrantly lit maps such as the nightclub, therefore, turning off the power will make you feel like you're clearing out a cluttered warehouse, instead of a nightclub.


Ready or Not Miniature Map Designs 

Ready or Not developers have disclosed they are designing close combat scenarios, such as house clears and more domestic maps. This will allow players to experience the SWAT point of view in more domestic outcalls, such as husband/wife hostage situations that are more apparent than mass terrorist attacks, adding to the realism of the game and showing players what real police units deal with on mostly a daily occurrence. This brings in many more opportunities for such as "suicide by cop" for Ready or Not developers to toy with, showing players regular occurrences of everyday police officers all over the world, having players under quick, realistic, and stressful situations, instead of slower pace hostage rescues in larger buildings where strategizing is an option.



Hopefully, these updates sound exciting to long-time fans of the game, and help improve the Ready or Not experience as it stands currently. It's really nice to see developers caring intensely about the health and player base of their game. The developers are open to community input and suggestions, so if there's anything not mentioned here, you can always get in touch with the devs on their next Reddit AMA or on the Ready or Not YouTube channel.