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Is Red Dead Online Bounty Hunter Wagon Worth Buying?

In this guide, we'll look at the bounty hunter wagon in Red Dead Online, going over its price, insurance, capacity, and if it's worth buying.
Is Red Dead Online Bounty Hunter Wagon Worth Buying?

If you are a bounty hunter trekking through the fictional United States in Red Dead Online, you've likely considered getting a Bounty Hunter Wagon to help you capture and return the criminals you find. But you may be wondering if it's worth doing so and what the costs of investing in one of these special wagons. 

Well, you don't have to wonder anymore, as this article will break down everything you need to know about the bounty hunter wagon in Red Dead Online. We'll discuss its price, insurance policies, the capacity of the wagon, and overall, whether it's worth buying.  

How To Get the Bounty Hunter Wagon And Price

If you're a serious bounty hunter in Red Dead Online, then the Bounty Hunter Wagon is worth getting your hands on for its ability to carry multiple bounties (captured fugitives) at once. To get it, players will need to have a Bounty Hunter Licence and have reached rank 10 in their Bounty Hunter Role

Red Dead Online Bounty Hunter Wagon How To Get And Cost
The Bounty Hunter Wagon can be bought from a stable at a fairly steep cost. (Picture: YouTube / Silentc0re)

Once you've met these requirements, you can now purchase a Bounty Hunter Wagon at any of the stables in the game, but note that it doesn't come cheap. The wagon itself costs $875 and an extra 3 tokens to purchase, but as we'll discuss below, it's more than worth the price if you're an avid hunter. 

Bounty Hunter Wagon Capacity and Insurance

What makes the Bounty Hunter Wagon so useful is its ability to carry more than one fugitive at a time (4-6 at maximum), and return them all at once to get your rewards. This is especially useful for solo players, who in most cases would be limited by how many bounties they can carry or drag along on their horse, meaning you can hunt in bulk and boost your earnings.

Red Dead Online Bounty Hunter Wagon Insurance and capacity
With its higher carrying capacity, we encourage players to get insurance on their Bounty Hunter Wagons to keep them running and making money. (Picture: GTABase.com)

Because the Wagon itself is so valuable, that's where most players should most definitely consider getting insurance. This covers you if your wagon is destroyed and instead of having to go to the stables and buy a new one, you can simply call a new one to wherever you are.

Given that this can happen at almost any time in the game, especially when you're hauling a fully stocked wagon of fugitives, paying the extra 125$ for some insurance is worth the cost.  

Is the Bounty Hunter Wagon Worth Buying?

Based on everything we've outlined above, if you consider yourself a serious bounty hunter or are looking to take it more seriously as a full-time role, then getting the Bounty Hunter Wagon is definitely for you. Not only will it make your life easier, but even single players will find it extremely useful to bring in more bounties and make more money.