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Red Dead Online Cherrywood Comb Locations

Looking for the Cherrywood Comb in Red Dead Online? Here are all of this Family Heirloom's locations.
Red Dead Online Cherrywood Comb Locations

If you're looking for the Cherrywood Comb to complete your Family Heirloom collection for Madam Nazar, you might find that you have some trouble looking for this item without understanding how the game's cycle system works. All of the Family Heirlooms, including the Cherrywood Comb and others like the Ebony Hairbrush, will net you some great rewards for turning them in, though, so it's worth completing your search.

If you're looking for the Cherrywood Comb and you don't know where else to check, you might want to learn a little more about the game's cycle system. In this guide, we'll explain how to find the Cherrywood Comb in Red Dead Online so you can add this to your Madam Nazar Family Heirloom Collection.

Where To Find The Cherrywood Comb In Red Dead Online

red dead online cherrywood comb
This is just one of six possible Cherrywood Comb locations. (Picture: RDO Interactive Collectors Map)

The Cherrywood Comb moves around the Red Dead Online map according to the game's six cycles. The cycles in Red Dead Online change each day at 12 am GMT (8 pm ET / 5 pm PT).

Cycles do not activate in a specific pattern in Red Dead Online; instead, they are random, so it's not always easy to tell which cycle is currently active. There is no in-game indicator to tell you whether you're on Cycle 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6.

So, when the cycles change, the Cherrywood Comb collectible will move to a new location around the map. Since there are six different cycles, there are six different potential Cherrywood Comb locations, depending on which cycle is currently active in Red Dead Online.

If you're wondering which cycle is currently ongoing in Red Dead Online, check out this handy interactive Red Dead Online map, which also visualizes all of the Cherrywood Comb locations in the game.

All Cherrywood Comb Locations In Red Dead Online

red dead online cherrywood comb locations
The Cherrywood Comb can be found at this location during Cycle 6. (Picture: RDO Interactive Collectors Map)

Cycle Location
1 Far north of the "H" in New Hanover; near the border; in the backroom of the house inside the chest on the ground floor
2 In Saint Denis; upstairs in the Saloon, on top of the wash stand in the east room
3 In Braithwaite Manor; upstairs in the northeast room in a chest at the foot of the bed
4 Outside of a house in  west Saint Denis; on a table in the backyard
5 South of Cholla Springs; near a house on a bench on the porch
6 In the Valentine saloon; upstairs on the table in room 2C

That's it for how and where to find the Cherrywood Comb Family Heirloom in Red Dead Online. After finding and collecting the Cherrywood Comb you should move on to other Madam Nazar collectibles like the Eagle Egg.