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Is Red Dead Online Cross-Platform In 2023?

Can you play Red Dead Online cross-platform with your friends? Here's everything you need to know in 2023
Is Red Dead Online Cross-Platform In 2023?

If you're a Red Dead Online player who owns more than just one device, you might be wondering if the game is cross-platform, meaning that you can transfer your progress from one platform to another. After all, for many players, it would be extremely convenient to be able to play some Red Dead Online on PC, then transfer their progress to Xbox or Playstation so they could continue playing in a different room.

There are a lot of reasons why one might want to know if there is cross-platform progress in Red Dead Online. In this article, we'll explain whether Red Dead Online has cross-platform compatibility, and how the game works in this regard.

Is Red Dead Online Cross Platform?

red dead online crossplay
Unfortunately, cross-progression isn't currently a feature in Red Dead Online. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

Unfortunately, Red Dead Online isn't cross-platform as of 2023. Cross-platform has never been a part of Red Dead Online or Red Dead Redemption 2, unfortunately. You can't transfer your progress from PC to Xbox or PlayStation, nor can you transfer progress across consoles.You'll have to stick to one platform and play with other players who own the game on that same platform.

While Red Dead Online cross-platform play is something that players have requested for a long time, it isn't currently in the game, and it does not sound like developers have any plans to add the feature.

Essentially, once you start playing on a platform, you and your account are locked into it. If you bought Red Dead Online on PC, you can only play with other PC players using that copy. If you want to play with your friends on Xbox or PlayStation, you'll have to pick up separate copies and start a new account.

That's it for whether Red Dead Online is cross-platform. Unfortunately, the answer is a pretty sad and simple no; there's no way to play Red Dead Online with your friends on other platforms. While we'd love to see this feature, it isn't in the game at the time of writing, and as Rockstar is no longer making major updates to the game, it's relatively unlikely that we'll see cross-platform play anytime soon.