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Red Dead Online: How To Cure Snake Bite Poisoning

In this guide, we'll show you how to cure a snake bite's poisonous effects in Red Dead Online.
Red Dead Online: How To Cure Snake Bite Poisoning

When it comes to traversing the dangerous land of Red Dead Online, there are many things players need to watch out for if they want to stay alive. One thing in particular that might catch you off guard is the wildlife of the game that can lead to a quick death if you aren't careful, and getting bitten by a snake is one of these dangers. 

Luckily, when it comes to a snake bite, you have options to cure it and save yourself from an early grave, and that's what we're here to discuss. Below we'll show you how to cure snake bite poisoning in Red Dead Online and hopefully keep you alive for one more day in the wild west. 

Red Dead Online - How To Cure Snake Bite Poisoning

As it currently stands there are two main ways to cure poison due to a snake bite in Red Dead Online, by using Yarrow or Ginseng. These are vital to your survival as snake bites and the poison effect they cause deteriorate your health over time and if you aren't careful you can find yourself in a tough spot with your health draining quickly. 

Red Dead Online How To Cure Snake Bite Poisoning Herbs
Once poisoned, you'll be taking constant damage and need to use herbs to cure the poison effect. (Picture: YouTube / JacktheHammock)

So to combat this, you need to find and consume Yarrow or Ginseng, which will essentially cure the snake bite. If you do not have any of these herbs on your person at the moment, then here's how you can get some easily: 

  • Ginseng - To the South West of valentine, West of Caliban's Seat
  • Yarrow - To the East of Horseshoe Lookout in New Hanover, Southwest of Valentine.

Once you reach these areas, just explore the terrain until you find some of these herbs on the ground. To make it even easier, use your Hunters Sense to highlight any nearby plants and you'll be able to find them. 

Red Dead Online How To Cure Snake Bite Poisoning Use Hunter Sense to find herbs
If you struggle to find the herbs, be sure to use your Hunter Sense to make the job easier. (Picture: YouTube / GCROCK)

If you're struggling to find them, you can keep using healing items to give yourself more time to look for herbs to cure the poison effect. But using healing items won't fix the issue, and you'll need to keep looking until you can find the herbs to cure the poison. 

It's also worth noting that in the past you could take a Potent Tonic and sleep off the poison effects, but due to the recent update to the game this is no longer viable. For now, using the herbs we've listed above is the only way to cure poison due to snake bites in the game.