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Red Dead Online Goat Hair Brush Location

Here are all of the Goat Hair Brush locations in Red Dead Online for Madam Nazar's quest.
Red Dead Online Goat Hair Brush Location

If you're a Collector in Red Dead Online, you'll meet Madam Nazar, who will task you with finding tons of collectibles including the Boar Bristle Brush and Goat Hair Brush. The Hair Brushes are part of the rare Family Heirlooms collection, meaning they can be challenging to find, especially if you don't yet understand Red Dead Online's cycle system.

If you're looking for the Goat Hair Brush and you don't know where else to check or if you're confused about how the cycles work, don't fret. We're here to help. In this guide, we'll explain how and where to find the Goat Hair Brush in Red Dead Online so you can add this to your Madam Nazar Collection.

Where To Find The Goat Hair Brush In Red Dead Online

goat hair brush red dead online
The Goat Hair Brush is part of Madam Nazar's Family Heirlooms collection. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

Madam Nazar's Collectibles, including the Goat Hair Brush, move based on the game's set in-game cycles. There are 6 different cycles in Red Dead Online, changing each day at 12 am GMT (8 pm ET / 5 pm PT).

What this means for collectors is that the Goat Hair Brush collectible will move to a new location around the map each day.

Since there are six different cycles, there are six potential Goat Hair Brush locations, depending on which cycle is currently active in Red Dead Online.

Cycles do not activate in a specific pattern in Red Dead Online. As a result of this unique mechanic, it's not always easy to tell which cycle is currently active. There isn't an indicator in the game as to which cycle it is, either, so you'll need to check another resource to prevent yourself from needing to venture out to all six possible locations.

If you're wondering which cycle is currently ongoing in Red Dead Online, check out this handy interactive Red Dead Online map, which also visualizes all of the Goat Hair Brush locations in the game.

All Goat Hair Brush Locations In Red Dead Online

goat hair brush locations red dead online
The Goat Hair Brush can be found in one of six locations in Red Dead Online, so check which cycle is active. (Picture: Rockstar Games/RDO Interactive Collectors Map)

Cycle Location
1 Van Horn Trading Post; upstairs on top of a fireplace
2 Inside the Strawberry inn; on a dresser in bedroom 1 upstairs
3 Near the deck at Thieves Landing; in the chest on the lower deck of the ship
4 In Lakay; in the shack on the far west, in the back on a bench
5 In the large house in east Rhodes; in the chest in one of the bedrooms on the ground floor
6 In Tumbleweed; in a house on the table on the front porch

That's it for how to find the Goat Hair Brush Family Heirloom in Red Dead Online. If you're having trouble finding this collectible at any of the above locations, you can try using your Dead Eye to identify the Goat Hair Brush.

Done collecting the Goat Hair Brush? Now you can move on to other Madam Nazar collectibles like the Eagle Egg and the Ebony Hair Brush to complete your collections.