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Red Dead Online Jade Hairpin Locations

Looking for Madam Nazar's Jade Hairpin collectible in Red Dead Online? Here's the locations where you can find it.
Red Dead Online Jade Hairpin Locations

Red Dead Online's Madam Nazar will task you with completing various collections of items in the game for bonus rewards, such as the Family Heirlooms Collection, which includes items like the Ivory Hairpin. Items like the Ivory Hairpin and Arrowheads aren't easy to find, though; they move around the map, so you'll need to your research their location today, or you'll likely spend a lot of time looking.

If you're looking for the Ivory Hairpin, but you don't know where to check, don't fret. In this guide, we'll explain how and where to find the Ivory Hairpin in Red Dead Online so you can add this to your Madam Nazar Collection.

Where To Find The Jade Hairpin In Red Dead Online

red dead online jade hairpin
The Jade Hairpin can be found in six locations depending on the current cycle. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

Madam Nazar's Collectibles, including the Jade Hairpin, move based on cycles. There are 6 different cycles in Red Dead Online, changing each day at 12 am GMT (8 pm ET / 5 pm PT).

With each cycle, the Jade Hairpin will move to a different set location on the map. There are six cycles, so six potential Jade Hairpin locations that you'll need to check if you don't know which cycle is active.

Cycles do not activate in a specific pattern in Red Dead Online; instead, they are random, so it's not always easy to tell which cycle is currently active. If you're wondering which cycle is currently ongoing in Red Dead Online, check out this handy interactive Red Dead Online map, which also visualizes all of the Ebony Hairbrush locations in the game.

All Jade Hairpin Locations In Red Dead Online

jade hairpin locations
The Jade Hairpin can be found at this location during cycle 6. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

Cycle Location
1 Just above the "R" in "Blackwater" on the map; behind a house on the red bench
2 West of the Kamassa River, near Landry's grave
3 West of New Austin, on the road leading south to Fort Mercer; in the middle of the wagon circle
4 In Braithwaite Manor; on top of the fireplace on the second floor, in the first room on the left
5 North of Caliga Hall; between a bunch of crates and a wooden structure at the side of the shack
6 On the last "R" in "New Hanover" on the map; outside of a house

That's it for how to find the Jade Hairpin Family Heirloom in Red Dead Online. After finding and collecting the Jade Hairpin, you should move on to other Madam Nazar collectibles like the Eagle Egg.