If you become a Bounty Hunter in Red Dead Online, you'll be able to complete Bounties in order to earn money to purchase new items in the game. The best types of Bounties you can complete are called Legendary Bounties, which are harder than other Bounties but will earn you some incredible rewards.

Unfortunately, the Bounty Hunter role is one of the poorest-paying roles in Red Dead Online, but the best way to earn money in this role is to complete Legendary Bounties, so it's worth learning how to do so. In this article, we'll go over all of the Legendary Bounties for Bounty Hunters in Red Dead Online, including their exact payouts.

Legendary Bounty Hunter Mission Payouts

bounty hunter mission red dead online
The Legendary Bounty Hunter missions in Red Dead Online are a better payout than the other bounty hunting missions. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

There are regular bounty missions in Red Dead Online, and then there are the Legendary Bounty Hunter missions. The Legendary missions are more challenging and riskier but, as a reward for your effort, have a better payout.

Regular bounty hunting missions only net you $30, while the Legendary Bounty Hunter missions will earn you significantly more than that.

Here are all of the Legendary Bounty Hunter mission payouts in the game:

  • Philip Carlier: $125
  • Red Ben Clemson: $150
  • The Wolf Man: $100
  • Tobin Winfield: $150
  • Cecil C. Tucker: $100
  • Sergio Vincenza: $125
  • "Yukon" Nick: $125
  • Barbarella Alcazar: $100
  • Etta Doyle: $150
  • Owlhoot Family: $125
  • Gene "Beau" Finley: $125
  • Carmela "La Muñeca" Montez: $150
  • Virgil "The Shepherd" Edwards: $150

There are a few other ways for you to increase the payout of your bounty, too; you can play with friends (though not those on other platforms), which will immediately increase your payout. You can also extend the length of time it takes you to complete the mission since you earn more money when you spend more time on a mission.

That's it for the Legendary Bounties in Red Dead Online and their payouts. These bounties will be more challenging for you to complete than the rest of the bounties available for the Bounty Hunter role, but they're definitely more worth it, too, thanks to their great payouts.