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Red Dead Online Rosewood Hairbrush Locations

Looking for Madam Nazar's Rosewood Hairbrush Family Heirloom? Here are all of the locations in Red Dead Online.
Red Dead Online Rosewood Hairbrush Locations

The Rosewood Hairbrush is just one of 15 Family Heirlooms you'll need to collect for Madam Nazar in Red Dead Online if you've taken on the Collector role. Bringing Madam Nazar the Rosewood Hairbrush, along with other collectibles like the Boxwood Comb, will earn you both XP and RDO$.

If you're looking for the Rosewood Hairbrush and you don't know where else to check, don't fret. In this guide, we'll explain how to find the Rosewood Hairbrush in Red Dead Online so you can add this to your Madam Nazar Collection.

Where To Find The Rosewood Hairbrush In Red Dead Online

red dead online rosewood hairbrush
The Rosewood Hairbrush moves around the map in Red Dead Online according to the in-game cycles. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

There are six different cycles in Red Dead Online, changing each day at 12 am GMT (8 pm ET / 5 pm PT). All of the collectible items on the map have six different potential locations they could move to, depending on which cycle is currently active.

This means that when the cycles change at 12 am GMT each day, the Rosewood Hairbrush collectible will move to a new location around the map. There are six different cycles, so there are six unique potential Rosewood Hairbrush locations, depending on which cycle is ongoing.

Cycles do not activate in a specific pattern in Red Dead Online; instead, they are random, so it's not always easy to tell which cycle is currently active. If you're wondering which cycle is currently ongoing in Red Dead Online, check out this handy interactive Red Dead Online map, which also visualizes all of the Rosewood Hairbrush locations in the game.

All Rosewood Hairbrush Locations In Red Dead Online

red dead online rosewood hairbrush
There are six potential Rosewood Hairbrush locations on the Red Dead Online map. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

Cycle Location
1 In a house in Annesburg; inside a chest in the first room
2 In a building outside of Braithwaite Manor, in the cotton fields; on the nightstand in the corner
3 In the house under the "A" in "New Hanover"; in large wardrobe in the bedroom
4 In the home just south of Spider Gorge; inside the room to the right of the fireplace on a table
5 Bayou Nwa; on the red loveseat in the cabin
6 In Rhodes; in the chest on the railway platform

That's about it for how to find the Rosewood Hairbrush Family Heirloom in Red Dead Online. Once you understand how the game's cycles work, it shouldn't be hard at all to journey out and get your hands on this Family Heirloom.

Note, though, that the Rosewood Family Hairbrush is different than the New Guinea Rosewood Hairbrush which can be found elsewhere.

After finding and collecting the Hairbrushes, you should move on to other Madam Nazar collectibles like the Eagle Egg.